Humor Poetry posted May 17, 2019

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I'm best at being silly

Time For Silliness

by Roxanna Andrews

I've been writing heavy things for a while,
And if you know me, that's not my style.

I'm much better at silly and light,
Not dragons and causing fright.

Though, I do enjoy a good serial killer,
Never miss a *Dateline thriller.

I even had a guy I know,
Show up on one of those *ID shows!

It was a shock to see him there,
When I worked with him, I was unaware,

That one day he would kill someone,
Instead of having lunch with him, I should have run.

Now he's behind bars for life,
He knew better, but was full of strife.

"Was it worth it"? I want to say.
"To never again see the light of day".

Hey, this poem is not light hearted,
On murder I should not have gotten started.

Let me see, something silly and light,
A picture of me in tutu and tights?

No that's anything but light,
Believe me, it would not be a pretty sight.
Man, I just can't get this poem right.

Oh, I give up, I have nothing to say.
But, I'll live to write silliness another day!

Is anyone else having problems with the program putting in these weird little Ã????????????s? What are they? Little aliens? ={

*Dateline is TV show featuring true murder mysteries.
*ID is a TV network, Investigation Discovery, I'm addicted to it. ={ And one night I was watching, I can't remember which of the shows, and they were investigating a man's murder and the suspect was named Paul Smith, I'm thinking, I know a Paul Smith, but there are no doubt, thousands upon thousands of them. Then they say, he went to this college. The Paul Smith I knew went to that college. He was on the wrestling team. My Smith was on the wrestling team.

My heart is starting to pound. He worked for a missionary org. That's where I met him! Oh my gosh, it's the Paul Smith I know and worked with and went to lunch with alone! He got married a year later, had two children. Then went crazy I guess.

He got on drugs and killed his drug dealer, seems his wife asked the dealer, a friend, not to sell him anymore drugs and this didn't set well with Paul. He got into the guys apt thru a roof entrance, killed the guy, stole all his drugs and then set the apt on fire. He left DNA at the scene, and was caught years later because he choked his girlfriend, (His wife had divorced him), and they automatically take your DNA when you try to kill someone.

I knew his wife, he was so crazy about her. Darling kids whom he was also crazy about. I just didn't know he was really crazy.

They learned he had killed his drug dealer from his DNA, the drug dealer was just a kid who sold to friends, which is still very wrong. Anyway Paul is now in jail for the rest of his life. What was he thinking, he knew better, he had a good life. He must have been in his 50's by then. Grow up, man! Sad. ={ It was just so weird to see him on TV as a murder. Yikes!
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