General Poetry posted May 2, 2019

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The Minx and the Mensch

by Rachelle Allen

Carnal Caperings Contest Winner 
"Help me pull them down," she said.

"No, no; I just couldn't," he responded instead.

"But I want you to!" Her tone was becoming a desperate plea. "It will make me so happy! I just KNOW that's the way it will be!"

"What if it's so hard it hurts you," he asked.

"It will be worth it," she said. "I won't feel taxed."

"But what if someone sees us? Won't you be horrified?"

"No! Let 'em look! I'm not ashamed of what we're doing." she cried. She flashed him her beautiful baby greens, and he audibly sighed.

"I just don't think I can go through with this. If I get the angle wrong, I could do damage." He began trembling with anticipation, and his heart felt ravaged.

"Just go slowly," she cooed into his ear.

"Fine," he finally conceded. "But I'm worried that this will change everything here."

"Remember," she said and rubbed him. "You're going to make me very happy -not scarred."

"Okay. Three, two, one. Pull! Pull hard!"

Together, they yanked, and the inside shutters on their bedroom windows finally dislodged.

"Oh wow!" she cried out. "Look what our neighbors are doing in their bedroom garage!"

"I told you you'd like this!" she said with glee.

"I guess you were right," he said. "Maybe."

Writing Prompt
Write a poem in any style on the topic of Carnal Caperings. Can be off-colour, naughty, smutty, sexy, adult content. Poke fun would be good. Show us what you?ve got. Length optional. Come up with a fantasy or stick to reality. (No animals, children, or peanut butter in case of nuts allergies.)

Carnal Caperings
Contest Winner



Minx: a temptress
Mensch: a nice guy
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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