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MacKenzie and Logan get to know each other a little more.

A chapter in the book St Louis

St. Louis Chapter 4 part 3

by barbara.wilkey

While wanting to place trust in Logan, McKenzie searches for his sister's murderer. McKenzie doesn't believe anyone wants to harm her, but Logan feels it's his job to protect her from the threats.
Ending of Previous Post:

Back at home, McKenzie held up the bag containing two potatoes. "I can put these in the microwave." She pointed to the container of pre-made salad. "I'll put this in two bowls."

Logan grinned. "You really don't cook, do you?" With charcoal in hand, he headed toward the back door, but stopped. "Did your mom cook?"

"She did, but I hung around with Dad." She pulled her hair back in a ponytail. "I may not cook, but I can strip an engine and put it back together in a blink of an eye."

"Good to know." He continued to the backyard. What have I gotten myself into?



As McKenzie and Logan ate dinner, Logan took a bite of potato. "This is the best baked potato I've eaten."

"You're teasing me because I don't cook, aren't you?"

"Guilty as charged." Logan cut his meat. "I guess I'm used to traditional role models. But I'm not opposed to change."

McKenzie set her fork down. "Earlier you said, you hoped Jose knew how to keep me safe. I need to let you know that I'm capable of keeping myself safe. I also have his back when we're undercover." Logan started to speak, but she interrupted, "I know I messed up last night and I'm grateful you were there. I'm not going to make that mistake again. Okay?"

Logan nodded. "Okay."

Silence filled the room.

He mixed the butter and sour cream around his baked potato. "What are your plans for tonight?"

Her eyes widened. "You grew up in The Lou and you asked that question? I'm watching the Cardinals, of course." After a taking a long drink of water, she asked, "Did you have a nice visit with your parents?"

"Mostly. They wanted me to stay with them and not in a hotel." Logan took a drink before he continued, "I want to come and go without upsetting their schedule. If I'm late for dinner or out late, I don't want Mom worrying."

"I can understand that." She hesitated. "Did your dad give Bill a good recommendation?"

Logan nodded. "He did. I guess your dad, Bill, and my dad ate breakfast together once or twice a month. He and Bill still do. He said you're all good people. I'm surprised we didn't meet while growing up. I guess our dads talked about us, but didn't do things with the other family members."

"I think once in a great while the wives joined them for a dinner, maybe once or twice a year, but not often. It's a good question. I don't know why. Maybe you should ask your parents."

"I think I will." Glancing at his watch, Logan said, "Fifteen minutes until game time. They're still in Atlanta. I'll help with the dishes."

"You don't need to. The agreement was you cook, and I clean."

"But you helped cook; the potatoes and salad." He grinned. "I'll help clean. The two plates, silverware, and two bowls could take a while."

"Okay, you can throw the water bottles away. How's that?" McKenzie laughed.

Shaking his head, he said, "I can't win with you, can I?"

"What do you mean?"

"I'm trying to be a gentleman."

Pink tinged her cheeks. "It's rare to meet a gentleman in today's world."

"Point taken." Logan picked up the two plastic bottles. "Maybe we can work together and correct that."


So she's been hurt or at least has had dealings with some real jerks. Of course she has, look at her profession. Tossing the bottles into the trash can, Logan said, "I bet Megan didn't meet many gentleman either."

McKenzie turned from the sink and faced him. "I bet you're right about Megan." She dried her hands. "I'll turn on the TV."

They both sat on the couch, but at opposite ends. Logan grinned as both dogs sat between them. "They like baseball too?"

"They do. They argue about who's going to sit closest to me. Right now Edger won." She petted his head. "I'm sure not for long."

"Edger's head is bigger than Arlo. He'll always win. How many pounds does he have on that little guy?"

"Edger weighs roughly one hundred forty pounds and Arlo around fifteen, unless he's put on weight. He likes to eat and is a world-class moocher. But don't underestimate the ways of a dachshund. He may be smaller but he's sneakier."

Before the first three outs were made, Arlo jumped up, ran to the front door, and started barking.

Logan stood. "What's the problem?"

Edger moseyed over to the door and sniffed.

McKenzie shook her head. "Probably nothing, but watch."

Arlo rushed back and sat by her. Edger sniffed Arlo. He had lost his spot.

Logan sat beside the large dog and petted his head. "You were outsmarted, big guy." He glanced at McKenzie. "Think he'll ever like me?"

"He's beginning to. With him it takes time."

"Some popcorn or peanuts would be nice. Maybe a beer. I should've thought of them at the store."

McKenzie stood. "I have microwavable popcorn. I'll make some." She teased, "But you'll need to clean up."

"Deal." Logan scanned the area. "Where's the vacuum?"

Pointing to a closet, McKenzie laughed.

After popping three individual sized bags, she put them in a large bowl and sat beside Logan. "Mind if we share?"

He grinned. "Sure don't." He turned toward the kitchen. "Anything to drink?"

"Water, tea, or coffee."

Logan stood. "I'll get a bottle of water, want one?" After she nodded, he handed her one.

As they munched popcorn and watched the game, McKenzie started falling asleep.

Either I'm boring or she's tired. He released a deep breath. It can't be me, I hope. I bet even though she slept last night it wasn't quality sleep.

By the eighth inning, her head leaned against Logan's arm. He put his arm around her. I'm not trying anything. You'll be more comfortable like this. He glanced at Edger staring at him, and whispered, "I'm not a bad guy, really. I won't hurt her. I promise." Now, I'm trying to convince this monster of a dog, I'm one of the good guys.

The game ended, and Logan glanced at McKenzie. Should I wake her or carry her to bed? He swallowed. "I'm carrying you to bed." He gently lifted her and carried her upstairs. He grinned at the light blue decor. "I guess you're not as tom-boyish as you want us to believe." After he laid her on the queen-size bed, he took half of the top blanket and covered her. "Good night. I'll see you in the morning."

Logan walked downstairs. He checked the back door to ensure it was locked. At the front door, he said, "Bye, boys, you're on duty now. Take care of her. I'll see ya tomorrow." He closed the door, making sure it was locked.


McKenzie 'Mac' Morgan a 27 year old private investigator
Major Logan Nelson 34 years old and an active duty soldier
Arlo McKenzie's black and tan dachshund
Megan Nelson Logan's younger sister - murdered
The Lou is an area name for St. Louis
Simon Knight Logan's former Army buddy and a Lab technician.
Fan name for the St. Louis Cardinals - a major league baseball team.
Yadi's Fan name for Yadier Molina - Cardinal's all-star catcher.
Edger McKenzie's black and tan rottweiler
John Benson Man who murdered McKenzie's parents
Bill Abbot A D.A> and McKenzie's God-Father; he was a high-
school friend of McKenzie's father. Joanie is his wife.
Jose Lopez Chicago Police Department undercover police


Thank you google images for a photo of a Rottweiler and a Dachshund. This post is a little over 1000 words. As with all of my novels this one is taking on a life of it's own. OH MY!!! Any help you can offer will be appreciated. Thank you for the encouragement.
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