General Fiction posted April 15, 2019

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A new start is both exciting and scary!

Starting Over

by Catmusings

Anna was happy at last. Brad was gone and she could start a new life, maybe even date again.
Crazy to think how she had put up with twenty years of a loveless marriage. Divorce was a messy business, but she was so relieved it was finally over. Everything seemed brighter and rosier.
Freedom had never tasted so sweet.

Giddiness overtook her and she went outside even though she was still in her pajamas.
How beautiful the spring Saturday morning was with the blue sky, sunshine and chirping of birds. It was a new beginning in Nature and for her, too. Juncos scurried around on her front lawn and she stopped to watch the cute little grey and white birds. Karen, her best friend said they reminded her of nuns.

Loud laughter echoed from next door as widower Mike played basketball with his two young sons.
"Morning, Anna," he called when he saw her.
"Nice day, eh?" she called back, feeling tongue-tied as she always did with handsome Mike.
Oscar, the Golden Retriever rushed over and jumped on her with his muddy paws.
"Please excuse Oscar and his bad manners," Mike apologized as he grabbed the dog away.
"Quite alright," Anna replied, meeting Mike's brown eyes that pulled her into their sad depths.
Reddening, Anna looked away in embarrassment.
"So I wanted to ask if you were free to come to dinner tonight with the boys and I?" Mike asked, still holding Oscar by the collar. "That is, if you want to. Usually I do a barbecue on Saturdays and I'd love to have you come."
"Very kind of you to invite me," Anna replied.
"Well, does that mean yes or no?" Mike asked grinning.
eXcitement and fear battled inside her and Anna had to swallow several times before answering.
"Yes, I'd be delighted to come and thank you."
Zany Oscar jumped up on her with approval and they both laughed.

Acrostic short story contest entry

What fun trying this acrostic alphabet story! I enjoyed the challenge! Not as easy as it seems.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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