Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted April 14, 2019

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5-7-5 Poem


by HealingMuse


Superstitions are

Spuriously dumbfounding

Shatter black pets’ hopes!


5-7-5 Poetry Contest contest entry



Hi All,

Thank you for taking the time to read and review this piece.

I ran across a disturbing article a few days ago regarding the lower adoption rate of black animals in shelters, and the resultant much higher euthanasia rate. This has plagued my thought process ever since, so I thought I would write a poem, in the hopes of raising awareness. Please, if you are considering a pet adoption, give the black fur kids a second look? At least their shedding won't show up on that black or navy power suit... LOL

Pity the black dog or black cat waiting when it comes to pet adoption; they have an additional challenge: Black Dog/Black Cat Syndrome.


There are many myths, superstitions and stigmas surrounding cats and dogs of the darkest color. For instance, did you know that a black cat crossing your path from right to left is bad luck, but from left to right is said to be good? Were you aware that, according to ancient folklore, the apparitions of black dogs were believed to be the unquiet ghosts of wicked souls? Did you know as well that here and now, in modern times, black dogs and cats are the last to be adopted?

Black and other dark-furred cats and dogs are the proverbial black sheep when it comes to pet adoption. According to the Washington Post, they are the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized. Shelters need to work that much harder to draw attention to and dispel the myths surrounding the adoption of darker dogs and cats.

Did you know that black cats have the lowest adoption rate and the highest euthanasia rate? Why? We're not quite sure. Maybe it's the superstition factor.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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