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The trio trek across the mesa with wonder about the maze.

A chapter in the book The Beginning of Beginning

Amazed at the Maze

by Randa Dayle

Zody was raised by his Grandmama Jogee the memoralist of the Redlands Junction. Seeing her in a vision, he realizes that he must take the pure heartstones to the sorting column next to Mount Effulgent

“Zoodee wait up!” Chesney yells as he digs his heels into the sides of his sorrel mare, “Remember I’m riding double.”

 Hearing Chesney's voice Zody urges Puff to move faster.

“Actually, Chesney, if you count Eden we are riding triple,” Gladys states.

“Don’t remind me,” he mutters.

Traveling to the edge of the mesa took the bulk of the hot dusty day. When they reached the rim, they each looked below and stared, amazed at the enormous size of the Barrier Maze.

"It’s huge!” Chesney exclaims.

Taking a gander off the ledge, Zody points out a game trail that takes sharp side cuts across the hillside. “If we follow that route, we should be able to make it to the bottom. It’s steep so I think that we better walk and have our horses follow behind us. I would hate to have one of them stumble.”

After dismounting Zody takes a long drink from his canteen and then ties Puff’s reins around his neck. “How long did it take you to go through the maze, Gladys?”

“Well, well,” Gladys smirks, “is someone going to talk to the Commix? I mean why talk to the person who actually survived the maze of death, or get any tips on how to survive it?”

Chesney hides a laugh as he ties the reins around his mare’s neck.

“Just trying to figure out if we will have time to get through it today, or if we will need to camp tonight,” Zody answers.

“I can’t stop thinking about how my dad said that that maze is dangerous,” Chesney pipes up.

Gladys shakes her head and snaps, “It is. And how long it takes depends on the challenges you have to go through.”

“You marked your way through it, didn’t you Gladys?” Zody asks. ”I mean you did realize that you would have to go back through it. That is if you wanted to go back home.”

“No! No, I didn’t mark it. I was terrified the whole time though. The only thing that got me through it was the fact that I was determined to find my brother. I still am,” Gladys says her voice trailing off at the end.

“Everyone ready? Ummm, I don’t think I’ll say ladies first, no offense.” Zody chuckles.

Backing up and shaking her head, Gladys stammers, “No, I am not going back through that.”

“Don’t worry; we will be with you,” Chesney reassures her. “Come on now. We don’t want to step on the horse biscuits so we need to go before them.”

Gladys stares at the Barrier Maze. “No, I think I’m done,” she calmly states. Then in a fraction of a second she sprints, jumps off the edge of the mesa, and disappears before their eyes in a brilliant flash of light.

“Zody,” Chesney whispers. “Did we just see someone get gathered?”

Swallowing hard, with his mouth gaping, Zody shakes his head and says, “I don’t know. I really do not know.”

Without a word the boys ease their way down the precarious ledge with their horses following close behind them. Each of them step cautiously to ensure that it is safe. Chesney finally breaks the quiet by saying, “Are we going to talk about Gladys?”

“What is there to talk about?” Zody replies.

“Gladys just jumped off a cliff, and disappeared in a flash of light, that would something to talk about,” Chesney gruffly responds.

“Something was weird about her.” Zody retorts. “I don’t know what, but I knew we shouldn’t trust her. And now she is gone, I feel better.”



“Zody, what's up? You seem different. Are you sure that you're alright?” Chesney questions.

“I am a Sterling believer of Qwill.” Zody retorts. “ I was never taught any teaching that says we have to help a Commix. His teachings are about helping the people, even those who are Nixers.”

 “Well, I have never heard any teaching that says we shouldn’t.” mumbles Chesney.

“Since she would rather jump off a cliff, than give us any information about going through the Barrier Maze, why don’t you tell me what your dad remembered about it? Maybe that will help me figure out some sort of plan.”

 “Well, you know that my dad wanted me to help you?” Chesney begins.

 “I know that part. I want to hear something I don’t know.”

 “I understand that Zoodee.” Chesney snorts. “If you don’t let me tell it in my way you ain’t gonna hear it at all.”

 Zody remains silent.

“He really didn’t give me a whole lot of details of his experience. He kept cautioning me to think before acting.”

 “Hmmm,” Zody hums, “that makes sense.”

“Yeah, he also told me to remember, that the purpose of the Barrier Maze is to stop us from getting to close to Mount Effulgent. It is the dungeon of Pyna and Vett you know.”

“Yeah.” Zody replies. “I do know that.”

“And the closer you get to them the more influence they have. And he said that it is supposed to be a challenge to get through. Oh and he said that only the most worthy will get through it.”

“I have been wondering how the Commix people come about?” Zody says.

“My dad talked about that! He said that once you get through to the other side that the influence of Pyna and Vett is very hard to resist. We will have to keep our heartstones pure, because if they become contamintated in any way, we will be unworthy to return through the maze.”

“So, all those people who now live on the northern side of it, were once sterling believers?” Zody asks, not really expecting a answer.

“I guess,” Chesney continues. “People from all the six allotments of Avowal go to the sorting column, for whatever reasons. If their heartstones become tainted they are stuck there. I guess they are just trying to make it their home.”

“Chesney, I have been thinking about that incident with Gladys”

“Me too.” Chesney whispers.

“Did Eden disappear with her?” Zody asks and then says, “I have never known an animal to be gathered.”


This is a Young Adult Fantasy Novel for ages 12 and older.

I appreciate all feedback, good, bad or otherwise.

I am learning from everyone here. You all are so awesome with your help! THANK YOU!!

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