General Poetry posted April 6, 2019

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Enough is Enough!

Time to get Tough!

by Catmusings

The time has come for me to get tough
I've been patient, but I've had enough,
I wrote you this note before I went out
To let you know what I'm thinking about,

First of all, stop eating my food
It's selfish of you and very rude,
I've labelled my food, just so you know
Paws off my grub, or out you go,

Why do you blast music all day long?
Must you play that same dumb song?
Could you turn it down, or better yet?
Put on headphones, I'll get you a set,

You throw your junk all over the place
So messy, cluttered, and such a disgrace,
The problem has become extreme
Pick up your stuff before I scream,

Clean up your act by the end of today
Or you'll have to find a new place to stay!

"Dear Roommate" writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Poets have a unique way of expressing themselves. Write a note, in poem form -any style except limerick or monostitch- in your own unique way, to whomever you live with, explaining why you're not home. Use the following guide as an example, but make up your own scenario. Use your imagination. Be clever, snarky, funny, whatever suits the occasion.

Then, if you think it needs an explanation, provide one for the readers and voters, in non-poetic terms, in the Author's Note section.


in the emptiness
that has become
our life,
I slip away
to ease my

Author's Notes:
We're out of milk yet again because my spouse bought an inadequate amount, and now I am forced to go to the grocery store for it, myself.

I didn't know what photo to use but I found this photo I took of two haughty mannequins that I took about a week ago and it seemed to fit the fed up mood of my poem so I went with it. I could picture these two girls as roomies.
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