Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted March 15, 2019

This work has reached the exceptional level
(A response to a shooting massacre in New Zealand)

Lambs to the Slaughter

by LisaMay

          Flashpoints and firefights,
          the world’s aflame with hate. 
          Innocents caught up in fear
          cannot escape their fate.

          Sanctity and insanity
          go blithely hand to hand,
          for combat over territory
          on not-so-holy land.

          Liars to the right of me
          and on the left, too.
          Fake news and fake tans
          within our human zoo.

          Stones in their pockets
          and rocks in their head,
          cheering for the demagogues,
          mass frenzy well fed.

          The poor are still starving,
          the homeless sleeping rough;
          their children have no voices
          to call “enough’s enough!”

          The proof is in the pudding
          and it’s hard to earn a crust.
          The oligarchs dine at leisure
          while the peasants eat dust.

          They scatter crumbs before us
          as wine runs down their chins.
          They slurp at the trough of privilege
          and make us pay for their sins.

          Blood shed on the prayer mats,
          the hate’s got out of hand.
          Murdering in mosques
          brings fear to our peaceful land.

          Today New Zealand made the news
          and it wasn’t about sheep.
          Today we lost our innocence;
          nightmares will haunt our sleep.

          The Torah is tarnished
          and the Qur'an is as well;
          the Bible is blemished,
          we’re all on the road to Hell.

          One man’s sealing 
          is another man’s flaw;
          see the Saints go marching
          through their Temple door.

          Muslims have their Allah,
          Jehovah is high above; 
          why can’t we worship together
          in the name of God’s Love?


I chose to live in New Zealand because it is the most peace-loving country I have experienced. Today that became corrupted by blood spilled in a hate crime inflicted on worshippers at a Christchurch mosque.

Reports said the initial target was to be a mosque in my own city of Dunedin, but the gunman decided he could kill more victims in Christchurch. This is horror on a grand scale for our small country.

Love is stronger than hate; we are a supportive community and we value our multi-cultural diversity. Such despicable events have no place here.
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