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The one who thinks he's never wrong.

I'm The Greatest

by GWinterwin

Just don't you worry about who I am, my name or any particulars. I am the greatest man has ever known or at least I think so.

You probably think I'm just a bragger that is all mouth and no action. Well excuse me but I know how great I am. I prove it every day by what happens in our world.

If you would only truthfully confess it, you would have to agree to my greatness. I am so in control that most people won't admit it and many don't even realize it.

There are many reasons and things proclaiming my greatness. I am in control of people, places, and things beyond the belief of mortal man.

Those who don't or won't admit my great abilities are just too feeble minded to really know their own incapability's. I am the greatest mortal man has ever known.

So you say "Just what makes you so great?"

I say being in control of so much and (Gods creation) mortal man doesn't even realize it. I cause strife, trouble, hate, fighting, killing, and so much more.

I control the words and actions of so many and sit back and laugh while I do it and they don't even give it a thought that I'm in control.

You and I tell ourselves that we can stop doing anything if we want to. If that is true why do we many times continue to do the very things that are bad? (I control you)

I will admit that I am not in control of everyone or everything. Some things and some people have overcome me and my dirty vicious ways. Those are the ones who have chosen to follow God and live by his holy word.

I thought I was the greatest until Jehovah God kicked me and my buddies out of heaven. We came to earth and started our mission of deceit, slander, and destruction of souls.

It appears I have more on my side than almighty God does when you survey the condition of our world. I will do all the harm I can for as long as I can to as many people as I can until that final judgement occurs.

My angels along with myself will burn and be tormented in hell forever because of what I have done. If you are a follower of mine you will be right there with me.

Those who have been wise enough to realize who I am and how I work and have changed their allegiance from myself to the great almighty Jehovah God will spend eternity with him in that beautiful place called heaven.

Allegiance is more than just believing there is a God or even believing in Jehovah God. I believe in Jehovah God but that will not get myself (Satan) into heaven.

So I think I'm the greatest, who do you think is the greatest? Your life proves who you think is the greatest. Gods' word says you can't serve two masters because you will love one and hate the other.

"Do I control your thinking and your actions such as hate for some, bad language, loving self and despising others, unforgiving, hard hearted?" I am greater than many will ever admit and those are the ones who most likely will lose their soul to me.

You prove every day just how great I am by continuing to show your allegiance to me. You say no one is in control of me but me. Who are you fooling, (only Yourself) you are either controlled by the spirit of me (Satan) or the holy spirit (Jehovah God) it's as simple as that.

We must first admit we have a problem before we can fix it. The world has a big Satan problem with (Hatred) being the main course. The news is 99 & 44/100% bad news filled with hate, lies, and deceit. The general outlook by the world is " If we don't agree then it has to be wrong." The bible is right on in telling about the last days, and no doubt we are in the last days.
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