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Crazy Mick draws attention to himself.

A Touch of Green

by LisaMay

       Once a leprechaun called Crazy Mick
       Dropped his trousers to show off his dick
       All the colleens did faint
       When they saw the green paint
       It was all wet and shiny and slick.


The Writin' o' the Green writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
There once was a site called FanStory,
With poems and novels (some gory);
But there came a fine way
To greet St. Paddy's Day:
Write a limerick, make it Irish; go for Glory!

This is my first ever limerick. I looked up a bit of history about limericks which I have included below for your interest.

I also looked at a few examples. Boy oh boy, some of them were very vulgar, but there seems to be a tradition of the 'naughty' limerick, so with that in mind I offer my contribution.

Technically a limerick, which dates back more than 500 years, is a poem that contains five lines that rhyme in an AABBA structure.
All three of the A lines must rhyme with each other, and the two B lines must also rhyme with each other.
The whole thing should carry an 'anapestic' beat - two short syllables followed by a long one - that goes something like:

(A) Da da dum da da dum da da dum
(A) Da da dum da da dum da da dum
(B) Da da dum da da dum
(B) Da da dum da da dum
(A) Da da dum da da dum da da dum

Edward Lear, who was born in 1812, was all about a bit of fun and wrote his 'Book of Nonsense' of 72 limericks in 1846 with exactly that in mind. The book was a huge success, not only making the author popular, but also boosting the limerick into popular culture across the world.
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