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450 Words - Dearest, would this be of interest to you?

Perfect Resolution

by HealingMuse

"Dearest, would this be of interest to you?" Sylvia asked her husband, Paul.

Sylvia had planned carefully for this special evening, taking the utmost care to ensure impeccable attention to every detail, right down to the lace tablecloth and scented candles for their big celebration. After all, couples celebrate their tenth anniversary but once in a lifetime, and Sylvia wanted to do this night justice. She'd even dressed for the momentus occasion in a beautiful white silk dress that highlighted her perfect figure, and with a plunging neckline and her 6" stiletto heels, Sylvia was assured that she would command Paul's full attention for this celebration.

Paul was unable to conceal the abject shock he was feeling as he eyed what Sylvia was holding in her hand.

Sylvia smiled sweetly and purred, "How is your dinner, darling? I made the lasagna just the way you like it, with extra cheese in wine sauce. I know it's your favorite."

Paul, nearly choking, his eyes still wide with amazement replied, "Oh, Honey, it's the best I've ever tasted. Thank you so much for going to all this trouble. I'm sorry I couldn't get home earlier and that I couldn't schedule vacation time away from work for that second honeymoon we'd talked about taking." Playing dumb, he tried to ignore what Sylvia was holding in her hand.

Sylvia continued with her meal, took a sip of wine and gazed endearingly at Paul again. Beads of sweat were beginning to appear on his brow and he was looking a bit flushed.

"No problem, my darling, I will be traveling plenty--to my heart's content once the poison kicks in, which will be in just about another 30 seconds." Sylvia glanced at her wristwatch, again smiling ever so sweetly. "Do you really think I didn't know about you and your new assistant having an affair, Paul? You made a fatal mistake to underestimate me."

Paul began to look a bit anxious and his appearance was even more flushed. He then collapsed out of his chair and crumpled onto the floor, clutching at his chest.

Sylvia burst out in a wicked laugh, stepped over beside him, felt for his pulse and said, "They will never know it was anything but a massive heart attack. Potassium is a natural byproduct of the process of dying." She then sat down to finish her meal as she awaited the critical time to pass so that the elevated level of potassium would not be suspicious if the coroner decided to perform an autopsy.

Sylvia looked over at Paul's body and smiled once again saying, "I guess my having your mistress' phone number in my hand was quite a shock to you, Paul, but I'll never let on to anyone that anything was wrong. There are things of interest to me too, Dearest, like enjoying your life insurance policy with your business partner."

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Writing Prompt
Write a story that starts with the sentence: "Dearest, would this be of interest to you?"


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