Spiritual Fiction posted March 4, 2019

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An unexpected find


by Lordinajamjar

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

Darkness surrounded me. Seeping within and without every pore of my body. It was quiet. More silent than usual. I felt so alone in the dark. I was always afraid. The darkness was both my jailer and a reluctant comforter.

My face was still sore from the fresh cigarette burns she had inflicted on me a few days earlier. I suffered from an unrelenting itch beneath my scabs which drove me to tear them off. The sharp stinging on my arms and legs was almost forgotten. I felt nauseous from the throbbing pain around my abdomen and back.

I had learned over the years to endure the pain because she did not like to hear me cry. She said it upset her. I rocked slowly at first, trying to hold it in, desperately trying not to burst. After a while I began to rock faster praying that she would finally remember to unlock the closet door and let me out to use the bathroom. But she never did remember until it was too late.

I felt a forced relief as the warm liquid and the acrid smell soaked me once again. The scalding pain on my aching skin was always harsh at first, but then as it cooled it soothed my pain. I then curled up into a ball shivering and shaking, trying to keep warm.

I began to murmur to myself again. Praying, no begging, God if he existed at all to bring my Daddy back home. I had no recollection of Daddy at all but I knew she hated him. So he and I had that in common. Maybe he might remember me one day.

I heard footsteps outside the closet door. I heard the key turn in the lock and looked away. The burst of light always hurt my eyes. I braced my back ready for the sudden kick she always delivered to my head. It was her normal greeting.

As the light engulfed my space I turned further away and tensed my neck waiting for the sharp stab of pain and the hurtful scolding words that always came next. I remained stock still, clenching my fists, waiting for the expected blow. Time seemed to stop as I waited. My agony only extended by the unexpected pause. What new cruelty was this?

I heard a sound. Like a gasp. A sudden cry. I was so afraid, but finally I summoned up the courage to turn around.

I saw a big lady in uniform wearing a gun. She appeared so huge. I never knew her name but she was crying and sobbing. I will never forget that.

She bent down and picked me up like a gentle giant scooping up a rag doll. She squeezed me tight and didn't seem to mind the disgusting state I was in. As she squeezed me tighter it hurt a little but I did not mind.

She drew her face close to mine and whispered in my ear.

"You poor innocent child. Everything is going to be better for you now. I promise. I love you my poor little angel."

Then she did the oddest thing. Something I had never experienced before. She placed her lips against my face and kept them there for a few moments. I felt her body shaking. A hot tear rolled down her face and splashed against my cheek.

She squeezed me again. So gently I smiled. For some reason this made me feel good inside for the first time in my life.

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Artwork by Renate-Bertodi at FanArtReview.com

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