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A Mental Challenge - Woe is Me

A chapter in the book Pappa's Memories and Ramblings

The Woes of Homonyms Show

by QC Poet

As I rose up to meet the challenge of the Woes of Homonyms to show,
Dejectedly, I stoopped to smell a rose so that my love of poetry can again begin to flow.
In despair, I spring to my feet with a wanting to sing,
Sadly thinking, don't roses grow and get cut freshly in spring?
Oh woe I know, I can't sing for money but that song in a lyric may possibly rock?
Rejected I think if I don't make a nickel,
I'll put a rock in a sock and hit my head hard to help ease the shock!

Let's now get back to the Woe of Homonyms show,
I speak very quickly then sadly, I'll end up a bit slow.
I'm still wanting to get this poetic expression oh, so very right!
If I veer left on some tangent I'll have to turn my mental tire back to the right,
and if by chance I tire I'll go home for the night.
We are off to a good start so I'm thinking we're doing well,
and pulling deep from my lyrical well, yet still not feeling quite swell.

Don't pull me in this too deep it's not really quite fair,
for my wife's now in the mirror asking me how is her hair?
Cautiously, I turn and say from black to auburn it's really looking quite fair?
Now go back to address that homonymical question,
I got lost then became a bit stumped.
So I went out for some air checked my address and came back in pumped!,
When outside I was thinking and walking in a circular motion,
then I got a notion to check the latest circular advertisements and their promotions.

Unfortunately, the thought of spending more money made me want to light them flyers with a match!
Sadly, I used that light to make sure my socks were a match.
It's a learned habit of aging to look to see what our fading eye sight can no longer normally catch.
If you think that is funny, I got'em for sale to you by the pound,
insanely most of my jokes I still pound out even if no one's around!
Don't take to long laughing because the express will soon be here to run us down town,
and as I continue to express my sentiments I may also swoon.

It's now time to end my maddening homonymical show,
the words start getting tiresome and coming out a bit slow.
They're now dropping in rate, their average and mean,
Please don't get mad and start to say something too mean!
Now that we are current we'll wait to see how it goes,
along the poetic current this one now can also flow.

My hope is that this is the kind of poem you choose,
and maybe in turn you will be kind, and give my poem a like?

The woes of Homonyms! writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem on the woes of Homonyms; poems must include a minimum of 4 different sets of homonyms.

Homonyms used; 15 sets 30 words,
1st paragraph;
Rose (rise)
Rose (flower)
Spring (jump recoil)
Spring (time of year)
Rock (music)
Rock (stone)
2nd paragraph;
Right (correct)
Right (direction)
Tire (wheel)
Tire (weary)
Well (good)
Well (reservoir)
3rd paragraph;
Fair (even)
Fair (light)
Address (explain)
Address (location)
Circular (round)
Circular (flyer, paper)
4th paragraph;
Match (fire type)
Match (same type)
Pound (weight)
Pound (hammer)
Express (bus, train, lane)
Express (explain, say)
5th paragraph;
Mean (average)
Mean (not nice)
Current (up to date)
Current (flow)
Kind (type)
Kind (nice)

Photo Credit; The Center for Cartoon Studies
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The Woes of Homonyms!
Contest Entry
The Woes of Homonyms Show
By; George Martinez
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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