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Amazing discoveries explain life before life!

A chapter in the book The Beginning of Beginning


by Randa Dayle

Dear Reader,

As a member of a specialized unit, I was privileged to discover a fascinating story, which I feel I must impart to the world. Over seven years ago I joined a team of professional archaeologists, anthropologists, doctors of comparative religions, and philosophers who had been commissioned by an anonymous conglomerate, for an unusual undertaking. 

The hypothesis this specialized team had been challenged to answer was; Did our ancient ancestors know how mankind came into existence, and if so, did they leave clues in the world’s ancient artifacts, symbols, cave paintings, petroglyphs, sepulchers, tombs, temples and writings that would explain once and for all this phenomenon? The task before us was infinitesimal, and I must admit that we all had doubts as to whether we would find any such evidence.

Together we gathered ancient and rare documents, we traveled to remote and obscure places, to look at every unusual and cryptic artifact we could find. In Texas, we marveled over a 300 million-year-old piece of sandstone, with fossils of what looked like plumbing valves embedded inside. We studied the giant heads of the Olmec Tribe of South America and wondered, why do they resemble Caucasians? We deliberated and debated over the ingenious Petradox a 100,000-year-old stone with a three-prong electrical component embedded inside it.

The expedition which we had titled; The Beginning of Beginning or BOB for short, was fully funded for seven years. The time frame seemed reasonable enough yet, as the deadline grew nearer we found ourselves perplexed and no closer to the answer. When like a veil being lifted from our minds we made a connection! The information that we had been looking for was literally right before us the entire time, we just had not been able to decipher it.

Remarkably, as we studied and theorized together we found an unbelievable narration, that we believed, told the story that we had been commissioned to find. Unfortunately, upon closer examination, we discovered that we had not. We were dismayed and felt like failures until we studied at it again, and realized that the story hidden in the artifacts and documents from around the globe explained something else. We had discovered an unbelievable revelation. We had uncovered the story of how God became God and how men can become one as well.
While we were thrilled to have made such a fascinating discovery, other people in the world have been appalled and have threatened us with our lives if we reveal any of it to the world. We been discredited in our professions and the majority of our qualified comrades consider us fools, but we know what we have discovered, and we are determined to give the world the truth about the beginning of our beginning.

This information has been certified by the Researcher Analysts from the Archival Institute of Ancient World Registrars.
Barron Burgess M.S. (Master of Science)



The prologue has been re-written to provide clarity, and to use the suggestions that were given to me.

I value all reviews, good, bad or otherwise. I appreciate all of you who read and help find the typos, the extra and or missing commas, and so forth!
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