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Vote Your Mind and Heart

by A. Willow Bends

Oh Powers That Are,
one cannot bar the magic of books.
Take a good look.
The foot traffic still treads,
dreads the fear of e-books.
All do NOT have access.
Success of many depend
on YOU to hold up your end of this deal.
Reading a book is still very real to the masses.
What asses would deign to close a library?

Here, research is done.
Job applicants run to use the computer.
No, they do not all have one!
Taxes need filed, now paperless.
We're creating a nightmare mess
for certain age groups.
Don't buy into that lowly belief.
Don't add to the public grief
that libraries will soon be obsolete.
It's obscene.
Arguments incomplete.

The children come here for Story Time,
for safe haven, off the streets from crime.
Research is found and and history is stored.
Good Lord, must I go on?

A sixth grader prefers a REAL book in her hands,
a real book with pages,
not a device that rages of electronics.
The public comes here to get what they need to vote,
key NOW more than ever
with our boat up the river
without a damn oar.
What more can I argue?

Every burg, village and town
should support and uphold and gather around.
Programs, fellowship, JOYS should abound
in their public library.

How, pray tell did YOU get the reward,
the intellect, know-how to sit on this board?
Could it be from perhaps reading a book?
Before you vote, take a good long look
at what you may be voting away
AND then vote for our precious library to stay . . .

Defend the library! writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
You are a librarian and must provide reasons to the city council that the library should not be destroyed........

I worked in the public library a bit and the importance goes far beyond just checking out books and movies. Libraries are key to any successful village in so very many ways. I mentioned only a very few in the poem. I could literally go on and on. Support your local library!
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