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An Acrostic Free Verse; Please Read Author Notes First

A chapter in the book God Speaks

Walk Talk with God & Guide Us Living

by Alcreator Litt Dear

You act as our guide to living on return from God
Walk, talk with God, and guide us living
As God speaks to you, so let us know how to live today
Learn from God, as good as possible, walking with Him
Know a lesson, the purposes of a life, and teach us living

Take alphas to teach us what is a mortal living as per God's words
As you are destined to act for mankind on the given days on earth
Lovingly teach us the alphabets; we need to learn afresh this day
Knowledge is not enough; demonstrate, practice living before us

We will live on God's words, and be master in living upon your teaching
In the past, we misunderstood, misinterpreted, underrated God's words
Truly, we lived inhumanly, lost lives in wars, caused losses in controversies
Hourly, we are falling from humanity, and losing our human values

God has spoken and sent us words to survive and struggle for living
On surface, God provides us land for making our home to live temporarily
Discourage inhumanity to practice humanity -- we neglect God-warned duty

A righteous, fair, moral, ethical and humane living is our right
Now, we feel, reading, reciting, remembering God's words is not enough
Down on earth, we must live ably per God's words and instructions

Go, walk, talk, listen to and learn from God, and share with us your wisdom
Under compliance, help us to learn and practice living per God's words
In God we trust, but you guide us practice God's words in reality
Demonstrate, inspire, exemplify us practice living as per God's words
Entirely, guide us each stage of living diversely as per words from God

Understanding, realizing God, God's words is needed for a mortal living
Show us living as God wants, irrespective of our religion, creed or faith

Lovingly, we were taught, but we live poorly, foolishly and unwisely
Inadvertently, per our wrong views and poor faith in God, we live like fools
Vigorously, we live imperfectly, foolishly per unwise preachers of God
In reality, we never follow God's words; we want to fulfil our demands
Nevertheless, only some wise men live real living as per God's words
Get lessons from God, and guide us righteous living


Write an Acrostic Free Verse Poem writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write an acrostic free-verse poem without rhymes
- Use God 22 times only, do not write the word God as god or GOD or God's or GODS or Gods' or GODS'
- Use God not in repetitions, not more than once in a line; use God once in a line; you can use the word God in the title of the poem
- Do not use God as a joined word like Godson or Godfather
- Do not use God with any prefix or suffix, or adjective or name like: para-god, godlike, god-son, GodSon, gods, goddess, godmother, godchild, god's, gods', GOD'S, GODSON
- Do not use pronouns for addressing God like HIS, HIM, HIMSELF, Him, His, Himself, THOU, Thou, thou, Thee, Thy, thy, thee
- Do not use God in two words like: almighty god, Almighty God, one god, One God, Only God, God Only, god only


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An acrostic free verse poem

Used a word 22 (twenty-two) times in the poem including the title of the poem (as it was a requirement for the contest, now the contest is over)

God is religion free

Title is written to fit in the space provided by the site; as such & is written in the title for AND in the poem

& is used in the poem as AND

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