General Poetry posted January 31, 2019

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Where did I put that darn phone this time?

Find my device

by Blue Hendrix

Cell phones in high demand.
Can't do anything without one in your hand.
That's why I'm begging the world for advice.
Why cant I ever find my device.

I spend all day frantically searching high and low,
thinking when did I have it last, did I drop it in the snow?
Could I have left it on the bar?
Did it hitch a ride on a falling star?

Did my bottomless purse eat it for lunch?
Or was that it in my shoe, I just heard a crunch?
Did I pack it in my son's lunch box?
Or put it in the drawer with the undies and socks?

If I don't find it soon I won't be able to survive.
That phone does everything,
It keeps me alive.
How will I go on, there must be an app?
You know the one that finds your device on the map,

but I guess I would need my phone to use the app.
This is exhausting I think I'll just take a nap.
Or maybe I will just order some food.
OMG I need the phone to call the delivery dude.

I guess I will sit down and have some writing time.
but, without my phone, I can't spell or rhyme.
How will I make it; how will I go on?
Without it I can't even listen to a song.

you don't get it my phone is my very best friend.
It helps me with everything, I just hit send.
Now I can't go shopping or work.
I can't even text my ex to tell him he's a jerk.

I wonder how my life was before?
Way back before cell phones walked in lifes door?
How did I ever do anything?
It seems like a hazy nightmarish dream.

I guess I will have to sit here all alone.
I can't talk to anyone without that damn cell phone.
Wait I just remembered I had it this morning around 8.
When I called my boss to tell him I was running late.

Then I ran in the house to find my keys,
but I never left because without my cell I was Ill at ease.
That's what got me started on this all day adventure you see.
So could it, would it, possibly be?

Oops there it is right where I left it.
Shining like a beacon how could I forget it.
So once again I'm asking the world for advice.
How do I keep from losing my device?

The Phenomenon of Cell Phones contest entry
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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