General Flash Fiction posted January 29, 2019

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To some people, image is everything.

Double Trouble

by LisaMay


Jim came riding his powerful motorbike – all chrome and confrontation – along the boulevard, its throbbing engine dominating the airwaves. He certainly got everyone’s attention. While admiring his reflection in store windows, he smacked into the back of a car stopped at the traffic lights. Pride goeth before a fall – dented.


Rachel drove along the boulevard from the motor dealership in her shiny brand new car, occasionally glancing sideways to see if other motorists were noticing. Braking to a halt at the traffic lights, she flipped down the mirror and reapplied her lipstick. Crunch! The car jerked forward. Her lipstick smeared.

Dualing Dribbles writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a pair of Dribble (50-word) Fictions that have nothing in common except their focus. For example, each Dribble could be the thoughts of two different athletes preparing for a marathon - the marathon is the thing they have in common. The possibilities are endless, but the challenge is to choose something to entertain and really capture the attention of the voters!

This story is based on a situation that did happen to me. No, I wasn't the chick in the car. I have changed the person to be a man (and also the bike wasn't a Harley), but when I got my first motorbike, I was so pleased and could hardly believe it was really me so I kept looking in store windows to see myself.
And then I really did run up the back of a car!! What a blow to the ego to be noticed for all the wrong reasons.
A good lesson to pay attention though. They do say that the best way to learn is to undergo a jolly big fright.
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