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How Two Become One

A chapter in the book The Two of Me

Popo, Izla, Me and You

by QC Poet

This is a Tale of four people and how two can become as one,
first is an ancient tale of true Love,
the second a comparison of similar things they've done,
and of how this power builds mountains of feelings that can fit anyone like a glove.

Popo's deep love for Izla sent him off to fight many battles for her in war,
Me, I've had my own struggles I've never battled before.
It's said Popo won many wars battle challenges and as for Me, I can't even remember the score, these battles can be used to prove one's worth that is known for sure.

All of the four listed above were changed by challenges of Love,
Izla died while sickly awaiting for her beloved other,
who seemingly fit her hand as a glove,
Me, I'm still hobbled by an illness that took my brothers and my mother.

Popo's Love, Belief, and Faith, helped him carry his dead Izla's body up on the frozen mountain to pray as pictured above,
Me, I climbed my peaks and out of my deep valleys, even flown high like a dove,
to get the best out of Life we all have battles we need to fight or issues to put aside with a shove,
You'll have to be willing to make many sacrifices to obtain your one true Love.

You also like my wife, may become others care takers,
with different types of sacrifices in life,
and in the end we all get to meet our makers,
so it's nice to have someone to get through this strife.

It's said the God's took pity and made Popo and Izla two frozen peaks on one mountain because of their Love and rife,
I only pray to my God to make me become one with my Wife.

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Writing Prompt
Write a rhymed story poem in 'no less' than four quatrains. Subject optional.

Popo, Izla, Me and You
My latest duality poem.

Popo and Izla,
The God's to pity on them and transformed the tragic couple into the eternal peaks of Popo and Izla. Known today as the Smoking Mountain whom watches over the White Lady sleeping mountain figures laying in loving proximity smothered in snow forever more.
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