Humor Poetry posted January 27, 2019

This work has reached the exceptional level
Tragedy averted during a day at the beach.

Rescued by a Whale

by LisaMay


I went with our Aunt Matilda to the surf beach at St Kilda.

Mum and Dad came too; plus Bree and Jack and Sue.

It was super sunny and hot – then I realised, oh, no!! I forgot

to bring my shady hat. Drat! Drat! How annoying was that!


Mum said, “You silly, forgetful dear, you will have to sit here

with a towel upon your head so you don’t go cherry red.”

Dad had a better thought: “Use this UV 50 that I have brought,”

then I dashed to the ocean, smeared in lots of suntan lotion.


I splashed about in the sea, beside Jack and Sue and Bree.

Dad said, “Listen here, please – only go in up to your knees.”

We were feeling brave and started jumping through each wave. 

Then a bigger one took us, rolled us end-to-end and shook us.


It rubbed our noses in the sand. Poor Sue had hurt her hand

and Jack’s shorts were missing! While the ocean was hissing,

Bree was spouting water from the wave that had caught her.

Then it came back and swept ME on a riptide out to sea.


I was carried far away and all I could do was pray.

I was so cold through and through and I was turning blue.

As the distant beach diminished I thought that I was finished,

but a whale saved the day in such a thrilling, amazing way.


It swam close to my side and said “Would you like a ride?” 

Golly, I started freaking when I heard that whale speaking,

but I did what it suggested though my bravery was tested. 

So I took a real firm grip and we made a speedy trip...


back to safety on the shore, where it all started before.

My family, filled with joy, had got back their missing boy.

They forgot their grave alarm now I was back from harm.

The thing that did bewilder – the whale was Aunt Matilda!



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UV 50 refers to ultraviolet protection factor; it is a numerical rating given to indicate the degree of protection from harmful rays. 50 is a high rating (can keep out 98% of UV).
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