Horror and Thriller Fiction posted January 17, 2019

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Why Now?

Oh For Heaven Sake!

by country ranch writer

There was a knock on the door. Damn, can't they see I am trying to sleep! Thinking, I am in no mood to be pestered now. Let them just go away. Refusing to open the door. Pulling the blanket up over my head. Just go away leave me alone, been up all night need rest now! All the while thinking please, please, go away! The headache was murder! Worse than it ever has been.

The knocking suddenly quit, it was now gone. Great, now fully awake, getting up, I go to make coffee. No coffee great! Go to the fridge to look for something to drink. A lone coke sits in the empty fridge. Grabbing the coke, I find some aspirin and take some then...

A voice I barely recognize says, "Come on, it's time to go." The man says to his friend? I look around and a hand reaches for me. The voice of a man says,"I am sorry!"....

Suddenly I am at the hospital and I'm in my room. I am in bed hooked up to machines. They are buzzing noisily.
What happened? Why was I in this place? I try to scream but nothing comes out of my mouth. Not even a peep. I am unable to move any part of my body. I feel tears slide down my face uncontrollably.
A nurse enters the room she looks sad as she checks all the machines she then gives me a shot, pats my hand and leaves.

I drift off to sleep, I see myself back in the apartment wearing faded jeans and an old t- shirt and flannel shirt. The apartment has been tossed everything is a mess. Papers are everywhere, lamps, desk chair overturned, bedroom ransacked, clothes and belongings are everywhere. There is blood everywhere all around. I am covered in blood. Wait! "What happened to me?" Everything becomes fuzzy...

I feel a presence in my room people are talking softly discussing my well-being. Why can't I hear what they are saying? Suddenly the alarms on the machine goes off they are bringing in a machine and put the paddles on my chest once, twice, three, times finally they get a heart beat. I am once again alone in the ICU. They are monitoring me from the nurses station watching the monitor.

The TV was turned on when the news came on, the volume was turned down low, but I heard the news man say. An apartment was broken into and a woman was beaten within an inch of her life. Anyone having any information, please call the police dept. at the number shown on the screen below. A picture was flashed across the screen "Oh! My God it was me!"

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Write a story that starts with this sentence: There was a knock on the door.

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Artwork by jgrace at FanArtReview.com

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