Humor Poetry posted January 17, 2019

This work has reached the exceptional level
trying to decipher my son

Translated from the original text

by Mark Valentine

Hey Dad,

Imma prolly go to Starbs
Just to bool with bae
Keep it low key, then we’ll bounce
(Too much java makes me cray.)
Idk when I’ll be home
But I’ll kit
Fo sho it won’t be v l8
That’s a hundo p

Translation: There’s a high likelihood that I will stop at a well-known coffee franchise where I will spend some time with my girlfriend. There, we will hang out leisurely before leaving (for I have found that partaking in an excessive amount of high-end espresso drinks, can make me jittery).

At this point I’m uncertain of my arrival time back home, but I will keep you apprised. It will certainly not be unreasonably late – that is a certainty.



In case you were wondering:
Imma - I am going to
Prolly - probably
Starbs - Starbucks
bool - hang out
bae - significant other (beyond all else)
low key - casual
bounce - leave
cray - crazy
idk - I don't know
kit - keep in touch
fo sho - for sure
v - very
l8 - late
hundo p - 100%
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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