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Ben Baker awakens after having been knocked out.

A chapter in the book Baker's Dozen

Wake Up Call

by Bill Schott


Ben Baker low-level White House worker forced to fight others as Presidential punishment
C.C. Connor President's Chief of Staff
Tim Bends Assistant to the Assistant Post Master General
Gregory Ira Joseph (GI Joe)-- Connor's adversary in Vietnam
An Do -- Mercenary
The story so far...

Ben Baker had to find and kill a dozen people in a secluded, government-operated, forest compound. He has survived and found an encampment where provisions are available to assist whoever gets to them first.

Tim Bends, one of those whom Baker must kill, had an horrific landing after parachuting from a helicopter and is barely alive.

A helicopter has crashed, which should soon be obvious to those who dispatched it.

Baker has killed all those whom he knew were in the compound with him (except Bends who should die from his wounds).

In FLASHBACKS, Connor's double agent status is seen as he, though a lieutenant in the U.S. Army, assists Vietcong interrogators. This is the beginning of the death sport that Ben Baker is involved in at present.

End of the last present day chapter:
He fell back on his butt and looked for his other pistol. From the rear, someone grabbed the shaft sticking out of his back, and pulled it the rest of the way through. Then a fist smashed him at the base of his skull. Darkness.

A translucent blur slowly blossomed as Ben Baker regained consciousness. He tried to force his mind to comprehend faster and his vision to sharpen. The pain in his neck and his shoulder were becoming more noticeable as he began sensing his environment.

"Enjoy your nap?"

The question came from a fuzzy ghost in front of him.  He half hoped it was Connor bringing him a prize for surviving. That would hopefully be presented as a 'Get out of execution free card', or other facsimile acknowledging he was done with this and able to leave.

He knew it wasn't Connor though.  The voice sounded gravelly and timbres. Connor's voice reminded him of Skeletor; high pitched and penetrating.

He tried to form a question, but his mind resisted communicating until he received more input. His last memory was of his heart pounding as the woman rushing him with guns blazing caught a bunch of rounds from his pistol. That's when the lights went out.

"What's your name, killer?"

The voice from the amorphous form before him was either trying to test whether he knew his own name, or didn't actually know who he was.

"You have a list of names written on your arm."

This fact helped him focus on reality. He touched his forearm and tried to recall the names.

"That your kill list?"

Baker examined the question and his possible response. The right reply in this circumstance was hardly one that anyone could rehearse ahead of time. 'That your kill list?'

His vision was quickly coming around. The figure before him became a rough-looking older man. His stoic countenance projected a sense of intensity that wasn't apparent in his voice. Perhaps years of controlling the tensions around him with a measured tone had brought this level communicating style into play. The calm, firm tone of the voice belied the time and weather-worn form before him.

"Who are you?" asked Ben.

"My name's Joseph; G.I. Joseph."

Ben supressed a chuckle. He wasn't certain if the man was joking or not. Perhaps he was still asleep and dreaming being rescued by the iconic action figure.  Worse yet, the man was serious, and off his nut.  

"I know what you're thinking, son.  Why couldn't you wake up to Barbie?"

"I guess I'm glad to wake up at all," said Ben.

"So what's your name?" asked the stranger.

Hesitating for a moment, he answered, "Robert Butcher."



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