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Just when I thought I was out.....

by Earl Corp

A book of wacky lists you can add to. Audience participation is greatly encouraged.
My Favorite Poems
1. Paul Revere's ride by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow- I actually memorized this one in sixth grade.
2. The 23rd Psalm- This is the only free verse poem I really like.
3. Any Limerick- Anybody who writes these on Fanstory gets a 6 star, just ask Bill Schott.
4. Casey at the Bat by Ernest Thayer --what red blooded American boy doesn't love baseball?
5. The Village Smithy by Longfellow- Another favorite poem of my youth, first heard in the Little Rascals.

My Favorite Pies
1. Blueberry- Me and probably most of the pie eating world
2. Peach- This was my favorite until I got older.
3. Banana Cream- This leads to my favorite pudding, banana
4. Mince- My mother and I are the only two I know of. Don't have to worry about sharing this one.
5. Raisin- When you don't have mince this will do.

Favorite Female Country Artists
1. Tanya Tucker- I've been a fan since I was 11 and she was 13.
2. Loretta Lynn- I saw her live in a hangar in Germany
3. Charly McClain- Saw her live at Fort Campbell
4. Jeannie Seely- She's from my home county. I drank a beer with her in Tennessee.
5. Dolly Parton- I'm with Johnny Carson, I'd give a year's pay to peek under that shirt

Important Historical Events Occurring in My Lifetime
1. Kennedy's assassination- I was two years old.
2. The Vietnam War- We thought this was long, until Afghanistan
3. The First Super Bowl- I got to watch it.
4. RFK Assassination- I remember no cartoons were on.
5. MLK Assassination- See number 5.
6. First Moon Landing- Everybody was glued to their TV sets to see " one giant step for mankind"
7. Three Mile Island- This was the beginning of the end of Nuclear Power.
8. Iranian Hostage Crisis- This went on way too long.
9. Grenada Invasion- I was in Germany for this.
10. Challenger blowing up- This was kind of like Pearl Harbor and when JFK was shot. You knew where you were when you heard about it.
11. Panama Invasion- I was in Hawaii for this.
12. Fall of the Berlin Wall- I was in Germany for this, finally I was on the cutting edge of history. I also got to see Germany Reunify.
13. Desert Storm/Desert Shield- Still in Germany.
14. Clinton's Impeachment- They figured out after six years of presidency he cheated on Hillary.
15. Hanging Chads- The 2000 Presidential election just wouldn't quit.
16. 9/11- Another Pearl Harbor/JFK moment.
17. First African American President- Something I never thought I'd see, though I rather it had been Colin Powell.
18. Gay Marriage Legalized- Another event I thought I'd never see in my lifetime.
19. All the Mass School Shootings- Nothing to say here but, Why?
20. The 2016 Presidential Election- Glad I didn't put money on this one.

Books to read while stranded on a island:
--Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.
--Endurance by Alfred Lansing.
--Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
--Falling Up The Stairs by R.C. Hartson
--The Holy Bible, my large print version for sight-impaired.

Songs for traveling:
--Hillsong Worship, anything at all will do.
--Oldies: 60's and 70's like Carpenters, JamesTaylor, Jackson Brown, The Four Tops, Johnny Rivers, Van Morrison, Jackie DeShannon, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, The Hollies, Joe Cocker and Jose Feliciano. Oh, and don't forget a little opera and classical music like the Canadian Tenors and Joshua Bell on violin. That should do it...I think.

Best sayings:
--What would you do if you had a real problem?
--This should be good.
--It's not burned, it's extra crispy.
--Excuse me, the the actual price? Do I look like a millionaire to you?
--Gas pedal on the right, break on the left, man!
--Life is not fair. The fair comes around twice a year.
--Keeping the faith.

Submitted by Sally Law


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