Humor Poetry posted January 11, 2019

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The Silly Season

by Wabigoon

here, no lover is wild enough
dumb enough
no one can mime a good blood root
their raids on the inarticulate have not gone deep enough --
sonatas lie latent
in the brains of silverfish
kids are more resourceful --
fish for eels
in the golf course water hazard

I must admit though
your alligator imitation is perfect
you've got the way he lashes his head
& it's true
a red tailed hawk
flustered by a bear
would glare down
just so
squawk indignantly
like a pompous, minor king

congratulations, Okefenokee is the secret word between us

somewhere in Tennessee a man has drowned in honey
In Arizona a baseball player
was struck dead by lightning
six million "marginal nomads"
are threatened by drought in the growing Sahara
Bill Melton was batting .300
in July of 1973
the brain of a blue whale weighs 22lbs.
sulfur dioxide may contribute to high suicide rates
I bore and terrify myself
who else will be statistician for this silly season?

I spend my nights
between your house and mine
trying to coax the cat bird
into doing a good wolf or loon imitation
but he's above it
vain as a Wagnerian tenor
I've pissed so often along these tracks
I've come to consider it my territory
old alpha holy fool
but you're welcome here
we can have a party in the gutted car
spell Rose the right way --

somewhere in this city
a woman is building a marionette
of Pintail Pond
I'd like to meet her

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