Self Improvement Poetry posted January 9, 2019

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Love comes in many forms. Some destructive, some nurturing.

Tainted Love

by babykoala

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
He loves me, he loves me not,
He loves me not, he loves me,
The answer is not in a kiss,
It's in the way he shoves me.

Am I the apple of his eye?
I know that he adores me,
I see it in the way he hits,
He pushes and he claws me.

A love note left beside the bed,
Each morning when I wake,
Instructions on what clothes to wear,
And how much food to take.

I know he lives and breathes me,
That his world just needs me in it,
He needs to know just where I am,
Each hour and every minute.

He's one of those romantic men,
Like fine men used to be,
He never lets me pay a dime,
I NEVER see money.

I often thank my lucky stars,
I found myself a 'keeper',
He has me under lock and key,
To ensure our love runs deeper.

I know he finds me beautiful,
He tells me as he pins,
My arms and legs against the bed,
And confesses all his sins.

And after, I lay wondering,
If all girls are so blessed?
Do they have men that care THIS much?
If not?....don't stand for less!

I look at my reflection now,
I see my shining prize,
The token of eternal love,
My black and swollen eyes.

'Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
I know I should not stress,
But sometimes I would like to know,
When will he love me...less?'

For my scars are healing slower now,
My mind and soul are bleeding,
I know I cannot voice these thoughts
I don't want to hurt his feelings.

The mirror sat, and looked right back,
With eyes as black as coal,
The words it spoke both soothed my mind,
And kissed my flagging soul.

'This love you have, though love it is,
Is not what it may seem,
It is not pure and kind or sweet,
This is NOT 'loves young dream'.

'To love someone is not to hurt,
To batter or control,
I see this twisted hold he has,
And its taken quite a toll'.

'The greatest love you'll ever know,
Will heal you and revive,
You need to learn to love YOURSELF,
Then see just how you thrive!'

That day I left, no backwards glance,
My keys left on the shelf,
To start my next great love affair,
Though this time.....with myself.

Love Poem Poetry Contest contest entry


This is a 'love poem/story' with a twist. This is quite a long poem, but it touches on a subject that I feel very strongly about and have experience with. I have tried to write a piece showing the darker side of love. I don't think I could have done it in a short style of writing, so I hope I do not send anyone to sleep while they are reading it.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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