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Plans go haywire when unexpected guests arrive.

A chapter in the book Eyes on You

Unexpected Visitors

by Mistydawn

Finding out that his pregnant wife Jen needs a costly operation, Tommy turns to a life of crime

Tommy sees a large black Cadillac XT5 pull up to the front of the house. Hitman drives those types of cars. Tommy thinks. Opening the service door, he shoves his two friends inside. This isn't an easy feat considering their massive stature. Vinnie has a buff exterior from his daily workouts and Larry the gourmand is all about his food. "Find somewhere to hide in case this goes sideways." Vinnie's mouth flies open in protest. Tommy looks towards their invader and then his buddy. "I don't have time to argue about this." He closes the door before Vinnie says a word.

Tommy turns to see the car getting closer. I need to come up with a reason for being here and I need to do it fast. He takes a few deep breaths hoping to steady his nerves as the car continues to approach him. Tommy tries to size up the meddler, but the windows are tinted so heavily he can't see who's inside. This terrifies Tommy even more. After what seems like a lifetime, the SUV comes to a complete stop beside him. Here goes nothing. Tommy gulps. The glass barrier squeaks as it glides down.

He sees an older, distinguished gentleman alone in the back seat. His fancy wardrobe and assortment of rings scream money. The way he holds himself gives off a sense of power and prestige.

"What are you doing loitering on my friend's property?" he asks. A fat Havana hangs from the corner of his mouth.

"Well, sir, I was...." Tommy watches him pull out what looks to be a small pistol from his pocket; Terrified, he hits the ground.

"Did you think I was going to shoot you or something?" He laughs, lighting his cigar with the small device.

Red-faced, Tommy pulls himself off the ground. "The lighter look like an old gun, sir," Tommy sheepishly replies dusting himself off.

The man turns the item around in his hand. "I guess it does," he chuckles, pocketing the lighter. "You never did answer my question. Why are you here when they're not home?"

"They're not home, no wonder I couldn't get an answer."

"What are you doing here?" The man demands.

"I was told to check on their satellite service, make sure they aren't having any issues." Realizing the stranger isn't convinced, Tommy decides to elaborate. "Tommy points toward his van. We've been having trouble with the satellites in this area, so the higer-ups wants us to go house to house, make sure all the problems have been resolved." The company had equipment issues in this area a few weeks back. This affords Tommy the opportunity to add a few more houses to his list. "Guess I'll have to come back another time."

"I guess you will."

Tommy heads towards his truck. He glances back and finds the man hasn't moved. He's probably waiting for me to pull away. I'll just leave and then circle back around. What if he checks the house instead of following me out? He glances back again. That's a chance I'll have to take. Climbing in his van, he slowly drives away. He looks back to see the man pull out behind him. Now to make my story seem legitimate. He makes a left at the end of the drive, the intruder does the same. Surely, he won't follow me onto this property. Guess I'll just tell them the same story if he does. He pulls into their neighbor's drive, the intruder slows down, stares a minute then drives away. I really thought he was going to do something. Tommy breathes a sigh of relief.

Tommy waits until the busy body is down the road before he heads back to the house. It's probably not a good idea to carry out the heist now I've been spotted. I was so looking forward to it too. He pulls his van to the other side of the shed so it can't be seen from the main entrance. It's better to be safe than sorry, he concludes as he hikes a short distance to the house.

Peeking around the corner, he finds the coast is still clear. So far so good. He hustles toward the back door. I need to grab the guys and go, he thinks as he nervously punches in the code; the door clicks open. Stepping inside, Tommy glances around. "Vinnie, Larry, where are you?" He continues through the house. " Vinnie, Larry." His voice echoes down the long dark corridor. It'll take forever to find them like this. He starts to pull his cell from his pocket when he hears heavy footsteps behind him. Tommy grabs for his gun as he spins around.

"It's me, it's me," Vinnie says, throwing his hands in the air.

Tommy lowers his weapon. "You shouldn't sneak up on someone. Especially when you know they're packing."

"Sorry, man."

"Where's Larry?"

"Right here," he says, walking down the hall. "You'll never believe all the goodies we found." Vinnie taps his backpack and then Larry's. "You're right, this is the best heist yet."

"Too bad we can't take this stuff."

"What do you mean we can't take it?" Vinnie tosses the luggage on the floor.

"Did you forget about our visitor?"

"You smoothed it over, right?"

"For now, but I'll be their main suspect when the owners report their stuff stolen."

"Not the way I've set it up."

"What did you do, Larry?"

According to their security footage, the robbery happened days ago by two men who don't look a thing like us." Pulling out his phone, he shows Tommy a video clip. "Today's recording shows the place undisturbed."

"They can't tell that the video has been tampered with, right?"

"Not even the experts." He smiles smugly.

"Let's get out of here before the guy comes back."

The three start to head towards the service door when a light flips on in the entryway. High heels tap a rhythmic tune across the tile floor seconds later. Startled, the three glance towards the front. They see a breathtaking blonde wearing a chic red dress, and spiked heels gliding towards them. Her garment's snug fit, low cleavage, and side slit that starts at the top of her hips leave little to the imagination. The things I'd like to do to her. Larry thinks, drooling all over himself. Being single and not the most handsome gentleman in town, women are few and far between.

Tapping his friends on the shoulder, Tommy motions them to follow. The three move quietly across the darkened kitchen. They just make it to the back door when Larry clips a cat with the toe of his boot. The white ball of fluff yelps as it flies into the air. Landing with a thud, the feline lets out an evil hiss as it scampers away.

"Who's out there?" the young woman asks as she quickens her pace.


The small brass bell rings as Kirk steps through the pawn-shop door. This place hasn't changed a bit. Kirk thinks, eyeing the huge selection of merchandise.

"I'll be right with you, the owner says as he finishes up the last customer.

"No hurry." Kirk continues to walk down the aisles as he waits for his turn. He'd just finished inspecting some tools when he hears the bell chime; three questionable looking gentlemen step inside. Kirk immidetly reconizes them as the Salois  brothers. The oldest brother, Andy had just been releassed from prison last week, Jack and Jeremy the week before. I wonder what they're up to probably no good.

"Have a nice day," the owner says as the first customer walks across his store. Seeing Kirk is shopping, he turns towards his new patrons. "How may I help you gentleman?"

"How much we can get for these?" the man asks, laying some items on the counter. Kirk watches as the businessman inspects each piece closely.

"This is some nice stuff you have here, gentleman. May I ask where you got it?"

"It's from our Aunt's estate." Kirk realizes that most of the items on the counter resemble the ones on his stolen item list when he moves in closer.

Pulling his gun from his holster he heads towards the front. "Berryville PD, hands where I can see them." The thugs don't move. "Do it now." Glancing at each other, the three reaches into their jacket and pulls out their weapons.

"They have a gun." The owner yells, ducking behind the counter.

"Drop your weapon, now," Kirk demands. Gunfire erupts as the thugs spin around. 

Tommy main conspirator to the crime
Vinnie, Larry Tommy's friends
Jen, Tommy's wife

 Salois Brothers Andy, Jeremy, Jack career criminals.
Berryvlle PD

Kirk- detective.

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