Satire Script posted January 7, 2019

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One Act Script

Clean Burning Coal

by michaelcahill

President Trump is the scheduled speaker at the Selma, Alabama townhall meeting. The meeting hall is buzzing with animated conversation as they await the President who is late.
The meeting hall is small, with a maximum capacity of two-hundred people, and its full with at least that many and probably more. There are tables set up on an old stage with a podium in the center. The building is an old wood courthouse. There are windows without blinds or curtains. Secret Service agents are scattered throughout the room.

Various snippets of conversation are overheard:
Speaker 1: "I can't believe they're even letting the fool in here."

Speaker 2: "Well, what's the harm? We can hear him out. Why not?"

Speaker 3 "Ain't nothing but a ploy. You know that, Johnson. Just a photo op. Look at me, hangin' with the brothas. Gimme a break."

Speaker 2 "Yeah, maybe so. Still, can't hurt to let him talk. He's bound to put his foot in his mouth. He can't do nuthin' but screw himself over either way. I say, let him."

Speaker 1 "Hey. Here he is … "

President Trump approaches the podium as the secret service men tense. He's waving and pointing to people in the crowd as though he knows them. The people look bewildered. He immediately starts to speak looking down at his notes.
President Trump: "No President has done more for Black Americans than Trump. Trump promised to stand up for the Black man, and Trump has stood up for the Black man."

President Trump steps back from the podium as if to acknowledge cheers. He points and waves. However, the crowd is dead silent. He approaches the microphone again.
President Trump: "I'm removing all restrictions on beautiful clean burning coal. Clean burning coal … that's the future." Trump looks from face to face with glassy-eyed melancholy. "Clean burning coal … it's black and beautiful and burns with perfect cleanliness. Clean coal, beautiful black coal. That's the Trump vision."

A chanting can be heard outside the building. The crowd looks through the windows at men in white hoods carrying pitchforks and lanterns. They are chanting.
Crowd chanting: "Coal, coal, coal. Beautiful black coal. Clean burning, Trump is yearning for coal."
Secret Service agents rush the stage whisking Trump from the podium and out the back door. The building erupts in flames.



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