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Scene at a Carnival Midway

by Bill Schott

Pons and Ned meet at a carnival.

Ned: Hey, Pons. Good ta see ya here at the circus.

Pons:  Well, it's not exactly a circus, Ned.

Ned:  What don't this place got that a circus does?

Pons:  Gee, Ned, lots of things.  There aren't any clowns.

Ned: I think there is , Pons. Some dudes said earlier, "Look there at that clown!"  I didn't see 'im though.

Pons:  There aren't any elephants.

Ned:  Not a one.  That could be anutter elerphant joke. "Where do they keep all the elerphants?"  

Waits for Pons' reply. 

Pons: Ah, I don't know. Where do they kee--

Ned:  Not at the dern carnival!  Whatta think? Funny?

Pons:  Like most elephant jokes.

Ned:  Y'know I just made that one up.

Pons:  They don't have any high wire acts here either.

Ned:  Ya mean like them trap-tease artistes?

Pons:  Right. Tight rope walkers and suspended acrobats. Circus acts.

Ned:  What's an elerphant got that no utter aminal's got?

Pons:  Baby elephants?

Ned:  Well, any kind, big er small.

Pons: Oh, okay. I don't know, Ned.  What do --

Ned:  They got a trunk, Pons. That's as plain as the nose on yer face.

Pons:  That's funny, Ned.  Nose on your face.

Ned:  My nose funny, Pons?

Pons:  No, Ned. I was just saying --

Ned: What's worst than a elerphant wit a nose bleed?

Pons: A giraffe with a sore throat.

Ned:  We're talkin' elerphants, Pons.

Pons: I don't know, Ned.

Ned: An elerphant wit diarhea. Man, Pons! That's gotta be ten times worser than a nose bleed.

Pons: Maybe ten TONS worse, as well.

Ned: I s'pose, Pons.  Making no expression at all.

Pons: So, Ned, you want to go to the midway and win a stuffed elephant?

Ned:  Sure, Pons. First though, I'm a gonna go alookin' fer that clown.


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