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Bea reflects on mud

A chapter in the book Be Wee With Bea


by Liz O'Neill

You've met Scruffles, Sweet Puppy, Timothy and Bea's other friends as I did. We've listened to Bea's thoughts of wisdom. We are slowly learning what being wee means.
After spending time with Timothy and his little growing trees, and after doing some brain exercises, Bea has come to look at many things in a different way. When she stays home, she has all kinds of friends come to visit her in all kinds of weather.

She always hopes that they are bringing a little of her "be-good-to- myself" treat. This will probably never change. But, on rainy days, besides pots of honey and colorful umbrellas, they bring dark clumps of mud. Bea has heard a lot of complaints and apologies about mud from different creatures.

In one of her brain exercises, she got the wisdom to know that the maker of rain would not have made mud if it weren't good for something. After all, Timothy uses it to make pots. The nuisance about mud seems to be because it gets on paws or claws, then drops off on different areas of the floor or on furniture.

Because mud is damp or wet the complainers have to wait for it to dry and then sweep it up and throw it back outside. Only to turn into mud again during the next rainfall, to be tracked in again, to be swept up, and to be tracked in again. Bea calls this a senseless exercise. Not an exercise she would want to practice.

She is sure there are better and more sensible things to do with mud than sweep it up and track it back in. She has noticed that a lot of the mud comes from the top of the ground, so it must have good topsoil in it. After her generous mud donating friends have left, and she has made sure she has done her fine motor weightlifting, she gets out her straw broom and wooden dustpan, carved by Timothy.

Watching Timothy had given her a great idea. She would plants seeds of all kinds which she had found during her little rigorous strolling exercises. And plant them in her empty pots, of which she sadly has many. Empty is never good.

Soon there would be green and colorful things growing all over inside her home. Taking them outside for rain and sun. She is very kind to these plants and places them in the southern opening of her cave; for she knows that most plants love the southerly exposure.

She also knows that waiting for seeds to grow is a better exercise than the tired waiting others do when they are waiting for the mud to dry and thinking terrible thoughts about the mud and whose mud it is and the time they are spending waiting for it to dry.

Waiting for a seed to sprout or a flower to grow doesn't feel like waiting. She thinks this is a good time to busy herself with her "Be wee with Bea" exercises, taking time out, of course for her "be-good-to-myself" treat. Many of these seedlings will be perfect for Timothy too.

I want to thank PeglegDeb for the perfect photograph. My autobiographical allegorical book in the Winnie the Pooh genre called Be Wee With Bea is available on Amazon etc..

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