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Scene at the Post Office

by Bill Schott

Ned and Pons meet at a Post Office.

Ned:  Howdy, Pons.  What brings ya to the after office.

Pons:  I've got to mail these -- Wait.  After office?

Ned:  Yeah, Pons. I was readin' a crossword puzzle answer sheet  and it said that the meanin' a the word POST was AFTER. 

Pons:  Well, sure, Ned, but --

Ned: Y'know they print them answers upside down. 

Pons:  Okay, Ned, but the meaning --

Ned:  It was hard ta read and my neck hurts now.

Pons:  Huh?

Ned:  So they prob'ly call this buildin' the POST office 'cause it comes after the doctor's office right dere.  Ned points to the chiropractic clinic next to the post office.

PonsSighing  Okay, Ned. You're probably right.

Ned:  I was goin' ta check it out witta guy what runs the after office here ta fairyfi I'm right.

Wincing  Well, Ned. You could, I suppose, but that might be a government secret. He or she might lose their job if you were to find that out.

Ned:  Well I'll be cool 'bout it. Pons. I ain't no newbie at keepin' gov'ment secrets.

Pons:  How's that?

Ned: I came to the after office when I was eighteen and got that there electric service form and filled 'er out.

Pons: Selective service? 

Ned:  No, I thunk he treated me fair as the next guy.

Pons: What does that have to do with keeping secrets, Ned?

Ned:  Well I tolta guy I was a high school gratchit.  He said that I keep that a pretty good secret. I ain't never tolt nobody since.



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