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Death Defeated

Little Wifette

by Teresa Alford

The breeze could be heard as it danced through the limbs of the oak tree outside her bedroom window.  She sat on the side of the bed watching the leaves shake and shiver as they dropped from the branches to the ground below; a gentle reminder that Autumn had arrived.  For some, Autumn marks the time that things begin to die.  For her, it was a reminder of a death experience that happened a lifetime ago, or so it seemed.

In actuality, it was a year ago when she sat on this same bed, looking out the same window taking in the sights and signs of Autumn when her husband came into the room. 

It was time to get ready for a Halloween party at the home of some friends.   He sat down on the bed beside her and gave her a kiss.  His face full of love for his "little wifette," one of his nicknames for her.   She laughed at the calling of her nickname.  He could always make her laugh.  He was funny.  They fell back on the bed as he kissed her, then he began to spasm.  She thought he was being funny and silly, but soon realized he wasn't responding when she called his name.  Something was wrong, very, very wrong.   He slid off the bed and was convulsing on the floor.  She called 9-1-1.  Help was on the way.

He was in cardiac arrest.  They came in and started resuscitating him, but as soon as they had his heart beating again, he would ...die again.  Over and over they would resuscitate him and he would die.  

Finally, they were able to stabilize him long enough to transport him to the hospital.  He was on his way to the hospital.  The hospital, where people go for healing; he would heal and this nightmare would end!  But it had only begun.

She arrived at the hospital minutes later and was led to a private waiting room where she was told the hospital chaplain was waiting for her.  Terror washed over her.  Why is the chaplain waiting for me???  This doesn't sound good.  But the chaplain was only there to lend support and to sit quietly by her side.       

Her mind was reeling.  This can't be happening, what was happening?  Their life was just beginning.  They recently celebrated their eighth-month anniversary!  They knew he had Congestive Heart Failure, but he had done all the right things, just as his cardiologist had instructed him. He ate a healthy diet, he quit smoking, he quit consuming alcohol.  He did everything he was supposed to do.  What is going on?  What's wrong?  Why? Why?  Why?  

She sat there praying and bargaining with God to make her husband well and not take him away.  She waited, and waited, hoping for good news, all the while willing him to live.  It seemed an eternity as she sat waiting, hoping the good news would come soon.  

Finally, the door opened and a couple of emergency room doctors, with somber looks on their faces, entered.  Gently, and as comforting as they could, they told her, "On a scale of 1 -- 10, with 10 being Death, your husband is a 9 and we don't expect him to get better.      

 "No, no," she protested, "he will get better.  You will make him well.  He's done his part; he quit smoking, quit drinking. He wants to be well." 

One of the doctors said, "He has continued to go into cardiac arrest and right now, we don't know why. Tests are being run.  His cardiologist is on his way in."  Hearing that his cardiologist was on the way gave her a sense of peace.  The cardiologist will know what to do; he will make him better. 

The results of the test started coming in.  For reasons, only known to him at that time, he had stopped taking his potassium so his body became depleted of this much need chemical.  The loss of potassium in his body caused the cardiac arrest.  Once the cause was identified, they were able to treat and stabilize him.  However, it was a long road to recovery, but he made it!

Days later, the doctors who had labored over him in the emergency room came to check on him.  The doctors said they were close to giving up on him until they met his wife and saw the determination and faith she had that he would survive.   They said she inspired them and they were determined to not give up on him.

Today, together, they will dress and go to the Halloween party they missed last year.  But not until he sits down beside her and they fall back on the bed, so he can give his "little wifette" a kiss." 

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