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my gorgeous soulmate

Magical Beasts

by mermaids

Alternate universe soulmate Contest Winner 

I admire my painting. His face returns my stare. I swear his eyes move. I blink my eyes and stifle a yawn.

I occasionally attend an "Art Bar". This is an event where attendees create a painting through guidance of the instructors. One can bring liquid refreshment but I usually did without. It is the painting that takes me to another place. Tonight we could paint anything we wanted. I paint fast and furious, creating my handsome merman. I swear he is smiling at me again. I smile back. Then he waves. I drop my brush.

As I bend down to retrieve my instrument of creativity, he motions for me to come close to him. I lean towards his handsome face and he pulls me through my artwork.

I am on top of him on cool sand. His skin is smooth like a dolphin's and I have chills up my spine and all over my body. I move aside from him and he is laughing.

"Finally, you arrive in my world. Your universe is so ...... weird."

I am speechless. His exquisite form holds my eyes on him. I look away and see an aqua and light blue ocean. Dolphins play in waves while a giant starfish glistens on the sand. Her sea green color sparkles in the sunlight. A unicorn off in the distance makes me take a double look.

"So, Miss Artist, I finally get to meet the woman of my dreams. I never thought you would be human."

"I have been drawing you for years. How can you be real? And where is this place?"

He smiles and winks at me.

"All that you create comes alive at some point, my dear."
He kisses my hand and the chills run up and down my body again.

"I feel like I am in an alternate universe and is quite nice. This place is lovely. What's with the unicorn? I never draw unicorns?"

He strokes my hair.
"Oh, they are here, in your imagination."

I turn to observe the unicorn again. She has a pink horn and webbed back feet. Obviously she swims.

"If the unicorn is here, then the others are here too. I draw sea dachshunds, sea dragons and dancing starfish."

"All of your magical beasts reside with me, your soul mate. Did you create them to keep me company until your arrival?"

"I never thought I would actually end up here.'

"The painting is alive, all your paintings are alive. This is our world."

His voice is soft and husky. I am trying not to drool.
"What is your name?"

"You always call me "Handsome".

"I'll call you "Spirit", you are a spirit of the sea."
I didn't think "Handsome" would be a proper name. I had no idea what to call him, Spirit just popped into my head.

I feel a connection to this merman. Our love of unusual creatures and our fondness of the sea is a strong bond. His long, black hair and finely sculptured face are quite the view. We lie side by side on the sand. The cry of seagulls and soft lapping of waves adds to my feelings.'

I turn to face him. He puts his arm around me.

"I like it here. I want to stay."

He smiles and sits up.

"You have responsibilities in your world. Come here when you need to. My unicorn and other creatures keep me company when you are gone. Visit me every night and bring your three dachshunds. They can play with the sea dachshunds."

I find it tempting to remain here. But I have a home, work and other duties to tend to. I like the idea of returning when I can and every evening sounds like I am coming home to my real home. I smile at my merman.

We gaze at each other when all of a sudden, a huge wave engulfs us and my merman is gone. I stand up and look at the horizon. The unicorn neighs and motions for me to get on her back. I run to her and hop on. She dives into the sea and swims to a cave. I am amazed I can breath under water. Oxygen radiates from her skin, she is a magical beast.

We arrive at an under water cave. A long tentacle sticks out and then retreats. We follow the appendage and I hear a hearty laugh. It is harsh but full of humor. We enter the cave and in front of me is, none other than the "Jolly Kraken". My merman is tied up with seaweed in a corner. He has a frown on his face.

"Release him immediately!"

Anger is forming inside me. I am ready for battle. The creature continues to chuckle.

"Oh my dear......such anger. Relax, you of all people know I would never hurt anyone, especially your precious man of the sea. Hahahahaha!

I walk closer to him. The cave is dry with water remaining outside. His wide eyes follow my movements.

"Now my darling artist. I am your true soul mate. You have been creating me for quite some time. I am in your poetry, your drawings and doodles and even on a wall when you consumed too much wine one time."

The giant squid has a point. I draw and write about him all the time.

"You are a part of my soul but Spirit is my soul mate. You are one of the magical creatures we share and yes, you will always be with me."

The "Jolly Kraken" still laughs. I untie my merman. We both hop on the unicorn and she swims back to the beach. I spend more time with my merman, the unicorn and a group of sea dachshunds. We swim in warm salty water and I take it all in before returning to the other world of humans. I have a feeling deep down inside me, I have not seen the last of the "Jolly Kraken".

Alternate universe soulmate
Contest Winner
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