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Bea meets another friend on her strolling.

A chapter in the book Be Wee With Bea

No Good Home

by Liz O'Neill

For those just tuning in, Timothy, the beaver, introduced me to Bea the wee bear. I met her dear handsome friend Scruffles the Raccoon Cat and also Willow and Sweet Puppy who you are about to meet.
One of her most rigorous strolling exercises which Bea the wee bear was on, had to come to a sudden halt. She saw the saddest sight she'd ever seen. Sadder than Scruffy. Sadder than Willow. Bea was wondering if she should do her investigation exercise. She remembered it sometimes got her nose into sticky situations. She was quickly doing her scanning and planning. Those fifty bees were flying around inside her again. The fears were coming back. What big ears. She looked like she was part bat but with no wings. Bea could tell this little one had been walking all alone forever with no "be-good-herself-treats". With no one to give them to her. No one to care.

After remembering her manners and introducing herself as Bea the wee bear, the puppy in front of her introduced herself as Bea the homeless puppy. What? Another Bea? What would she ever do? There could never be more than one Bea, unless it were the kind that make her "be-good-to-myself" treat. She smiled as she remembered the confusion when her mom would be calling her and the wrong bee would come.

She decided that she would name her, Sweet Puppy. Wow. Here she was again doing her very familiar trying to fix the unfixable exercise. This problem was much bigger than she could ever fix, even in her greatest imagination and pretending. Bea knew she needed to do her talk to the maker of puppies first. How could she and the maker help this forlorn, nearly hairless, stick-like creature in front of her? She had almost no hair on her hindquarters.

Once again, Bea realized she hadn't taken a breath and that she needed to remember to be alert but relaxed. She also had to help Sweet Puppy to find hope. She did her brain exercise and said a poem to Sweet Puppy.

You look so sad, I know your life has been so bad
I want to take you home, so you won't be alone
You'll never be so thin, not after I've taken you in
Your name is Bea, so I know you're meant for me
You'll be a happy, happy puppy, and meet my babykitty who was Scruffy
Scruffles, now eats fish, I will make sure to fill your dish
We can all sleep in one big room, far away from any loud boom
Together, we will figure our problems out, if you will just turn yourself about
Will you please come and live with us, I'm sure there will be no big fuss

There was a terrible silence. And then another silence. And then another. Bea wasn't sure she could stand the buzzing of the fifty bees flying around inside her. The fear was bigger than it ever had been. Just as she remembered how the maker had always helped her, a nice comforting hum filled the air, of busy bees making honey. She knew things would work out for all of them; Scruffles, Sweet Puppy and Bea the wee bear.

Because Bea had, herself, been busy doing her brain exercise, she hadn't been doing her notice exercise. She began to hear a whining sound. She wasn't sure if it was a sad whining or a happy whining. But a skinny wagging tail told her Sweet Puppy was going to say she would be happy to join Scruffles and her.

They could be seen walking toward home, moving side to side as if doing a happy dance exercise.

Book of the Month contest entry

I would like to show appreciation to Anne for her art. Almost as if she'd met Sweet Puppy. This book is now available in paperback and on Kindle on Amazon, and other venues. Even more can be learned on Bea invites you to journey with her.
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