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Doctor Found It

Home Visit

by country ranch writer

We live in an out of the way area away from the hustle and bustle of big city life. We live deep in the forest and our roads are sugar sand. Getting down the roads can be a chore for low cars and single drive trucks. Our neighbors are few and far between and even cell signals are slim to none. We have to have landlines out here in order to get and receive service. Cable is even sketchy. When the wind blows the cable goes out for the signal gets scrambled up.
Shopping for groceries is sometimes a challenge. For the stores are thirty miles or more from here where we live. We have wild animals out here including bears who mostly keep to themselves. Tracks are everywhere including on my back porch. They were looking for any leftovers in my neck of the woods, they ain't having much luck.

We have hospice coming out every Monday to see my husband since we have been here. His nurse has been able to get here without much trouble. However, we've had a caseworker get stuck out here along with family and friends recently along with delivery drivers. The tow trucks hate to come out here due to the sugar sand.

What I am getting to in my roundabout way is the story of my husband's doctor. We will leave him nameless for vanity's sake. He called us up the other night and said he was in the area and wanted to come out and do his evaluation of my husband.

I said, "Okay,"

He says, " I will be there within the hour."

Well, the hour goes by and it is getting really late. My husband looks over at me and we both say at the same time yep, he's lost or stuck.

Shortly after the phone rings, it is the doctor's wife saying they are a half mile down our road and is stuck an asked if I possibly come to pick him up. They were on the phone also with the tow truck driver trying to convince him to come out and pull them out. I told him I couldn't go down there because I don't drive at night and feared getting myself stuck in the process. I couldn't leave my husband at home here by himself. I had no way to rescue them. He'd just have to wait for the tow truck and come back in daylight hours to see him. This doctor was driving a brand new BMW. Sad thing was, he had just purchased it the beginning of the week. I really felt sorry for him but my hands were tied.

We figured that was the end of it till we heard a knock on the door, it is now 9:30 PM. I opened the door and there stood the doctor saying I found it! He had left his wife with the car and got a random neighbor to bring him to the house! I couldn't believe it. I didn't even know my neighbors! And, he left his wife waiting alone in the woods waiting for the tow truck driver. He said he was determined to come and he did.
It wasn't an emergency for him to be here and I for one was astounded he would leave his wife there with the car. How many men would do that? I heard of doctors making a house call, but this is beyond my version of call of duty.
I called our nurse and relayed him being stuck before he got to our house. We got a chuckle of him getting his new BMW stuck so soon after purchasing it. She had told everyone at the hospice clinic we live on sugar sand roads, but her doctor just didn't listen.

"Another live and learn situation," she said.

I feel sorry for him having to get towed out that night, but I feel even more sorry for his poor wife being left behind all alone in the process. With bears out here roaming around at night, I sure hope they stayed away while all this was going on. I guess I will have to wait for our nurse to come out on Monday to get the update on his rescue.

While Hog Valley is off the beaten track for most folks, hunters and retirees live here like my myself and my husband find it a peaceful place to live. We live sixteen miles outside of the Ocala National Forest.

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