Spiritual Poetry posted September 26, 2018

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God Only Does So

by Alcreator Litt Dear

Read Author Notes God knows what He gives Hen knows what she gets
Red Mom prayed to God every dawn
She wished four wishes for fulfillment
If they had a language
Hens laid red eggs instead of green
Cocks had red feathers and hens had rainbow
And they had natural death

Of her 1300 chickens 400 survived
13 of them born on Saturdays had blue feathers
40 of them born on Sundays had black feathers
Black chickens called her 'Mom' in her dreams
347 brown chickens born on Mondays thru Fridays

She dreamt the same dream 13 Sunday nights
She woke up and found her chickens
Lived around her home in orange and green forests
Surrounded by 13 human villages
Beside yellow and blue rivers
Indigo and violet mountains were afar

Chickens called her Mom but to many villagers she became Red Mom
She died in sleep on her fourth birthday morn
And went to Heaven
God smiled on her new name Red Mom
And gave her everything she deserved!

157 Word Poetry Contest writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write poetry in 157 words, in 22 lines, in 697 characters, using these 8 words:
Mom, God, Hens, Chickens, Dreamt, Died, Went, Heaven
Meet 4 challenges: 8 words, 22 lines, 157 words, 697 characters


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This is a punctuation free poem; read more

This is not a Contest Entry today; contest ended in September, 2018

Enjoy my poem in my own style using my poetic licence (almost punctuation free and deliberate use of numbers in place of words)

RED MOM was a man in her earlier birth; the man was cursed by God; God sent the man as a hen; God can do anything as He wishes; by her living as a hen on the earth, she made God happy; God lifted her curse, and she was called for by God, she went to heaven, her real and permanent home; yes, only she was invited to heaven; everything is possible to God; man cannot challenge God's act or decision

This does not promote or canvass any specific religion, known or unknown, recognised or unrecognised

This does not hurt anyone belonging to or who keeps faith in any religion, any religious faith or belief, any religious creed or culture, custom or practice

This does not follow any specific, particular, known or published philosophy, religious philosophy, religious doctrine, religious scripture, religious book or thoughts

God is religion free

Nothing is impossible to God

Lifting of curse is an act of God

Those who need facts and figures: 400 chickens = 13 blue chickens born on Saturdays, 40 black chickens born on Sundays, 347 brown chickens born on Mondays thru Fridays

4 wishes = language, colour of eggs, feather colours of cocks and hens, natural death

13 dreams = dreamt on Sunday nights; news about her dreams spread and villagers gave her a new name 'Red Mom' though some chickens called her Mom only in her dreams as this matter spread rumours in villagers

40 black chickens = called Red Mom the hen as Mom in 13 dreams on 13 Sunday nights in 4 years, they only called her Mom in dreams, at their calling she woke up, her 400 chickens never called her Mom anytime, only 40 black chickens called her Mom in dreams

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