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Second installment of my story, Halloween


by Oceanna Sands

Julie is 15 year old girl who is not pleased that she has to take her four-year-old twin siblings trick-or-treating. She is looking forward to a boring evening, when she wanted to be at her friend's exciting party.

While the twins ate their dinner, Julie decided to get dressed for the party. Brandon, the new boy at school, would be there and she giggled as she thought about seeing him. She could still see him walking into Algebra that first morning, a week ago. He was tall and portrayed a look of confidence. His eyes were the bluest she had ever seen. For a moment she wondered if they were contacts. His light brown hair was tousled, but in a sexy way. Julie was sure their eyes locked for just a minute. Ever since she tried to talk to him, but whenever an opportunity arose, she couldn't seem to make the words come out. This was party is her one chance to impress him.

Sitting in front of the large mirror on her dresser, Julie took special care making her skin almost translucent. She mixed white makeup with pale blue for the right effect. Next, she applied the long dark eyelashes; this was not as easy as she expected. She was afraid it might look like a caterpillar crawling on her face if her makeup wasn't just right. She carefully straightened the long, dark brown wig and meticulously arranged it carefully atop her head, then donned the long, crimson and black flowing dress to complete the look. The final touch was blood red lipstick. "Awesome," she thought, "I even freak myself out."

Apparently, she finished just in time.

"Julie, can you help the twins dress for trick or treating? There will be traffic and if I don't leave for the hospital I will be late. The ER is always extra crazy on Halloween." Julie's mother called from the bottom of the stairs.

"Be right there, Mom." Julie took one last look in the mirror and went across the hall to the twins' room. "Okay little monsters, let's get you dressed so we can get this over with."

"We're not monsters, Julie, we are Cat in the Hat's fwiends."
Damon lisped. "I'm Thing One and Dana is Thing Two."

"There is no such thing as monsters," Dana added. "Mommy said so. All the scary things we will see tonight are pretend."

Cathy poked her head in the bedroom door. "You kids have fun tonight. Be good for your sister. I will see you in the morning. Thanks again, Julie, I will make it up to you."
"Sure, Mom," Julie said without conviction.

Twenty minutes later they were all dressed, and redressed after going to the bathroom. Even Julie had to admit that her brother and sister were cute all dressed up. Damon was all in red with red baggy pants, a long- sleeved red shirt, two sizes too big with the words, "Thing One" in big white letters on the front. His costume was completed by a bright blue, curly wig. His sister had chosen red tights, a red net tutu, and also a big shirt saying, "Thing Two." Her wig was identical to her brother's.

"Get your pumpkins and your flashlights, and don't let go of my hands. You don't want the boogeyman to get you."

Damon and Dana looked worried, but Dana chimed in, "Remember, Julie, Mommy said they weren't real."

"Sure, kid, whatever you say. Let's go."

Julie's phone sounded an alarm as she opened the door. Glancing at it she said, "Oh, another Amber Alert. Poor kid. I'm sure they are long gone by now." Julie silenced her phone as they went out into the night.

I will appreciate any and all critiques of my work. Be kind but honest. I am trying to learn here.
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