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The boys meet at an animal shelter.

A chapter in the book Scenes

Scene at a Animal Shelter

by Bill Schott

Ned and Pons meet at a Humane Society shelter.

Ned: Thanks for comin' down here, Pons.

Pons: You said you were thinking of getting a kitten, so I thought I could help you pick one out.

Ned: Well they got a passel of 'em we can eyeball right through this here winnder.

Pons: Wow! There seems to be about a dozen of them.

Ned: I'd say half was boys and half was ain't boys.

Pons: You mean girls?

Ned: Well, Pons, girls is people, not kitty cats.

Pons: But you just said half were boys. Aren't boys people?

Ned: You think there’s cat people, Pons?

Pons: Cat people?

Ned: You askin' me, or tellin' me?

Pons: What?

Ned: I'm just gonna say I don't believe there’s no cat people, Pons. You can think what you want.

Pons: I don't think there are --

Ned: Hey! That there one's acallin' my name.

Pons: Sounds like it’s saying 'mew'.

Ned: Maybe that’s my cat name.

Pons: Your cat name?

Ned: Sure. Cats got their own langage, Pons.

Pons: So, what you're saying is that all these kittens are saying, 'Ned -- Ned -- Ned'.

Ned: 'Course not, Pons. That'd be pretty hard to swaller.

Pons: Aren't they all saying the same thing?

Ned: Dang, Pons! You musta woked up a bit dumb this mornin'.

Pons: Is that it? Well, I'm here. You might have something.

Ned: I think I'll get the one what's talkin' to me.

Pons: Which one was that again?

Ned: The boy'n, Pons. Sheesh!

Pons: Aren't there six boy kittens?

Ned: Sure, but there’s only one what's sayin' 'Ned'.

Pons: Which one was that again?

Ned looks at Pons and shakes his head, as if pitying him.

Ned:  Let me ask you a question, Cuz.  If one a these kittens were sayin', 'Pons! Pons!', wouldn't you think that were somethin' to consider? 

Pons:  I would be flabbergasted and would likely call Ripley's Believe It or Not.

Ned:  Oh, I believe it, Pons. By the way, Ms. Ripley passed a few years back. She were hard a hearin' too. Might be that one a her cats might be interested.

Pons: Huh?

Ned: Just kiddin' you, Pons. Them cats prob'ly don't care none.

Pons can only stare at Ned for a moment then nod slightly to the affirmative.

Pons: I'm sure you're right, Ned.

Ned:  Spec’ly if you used that word 'flavvercasted'. 


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