General Poetry posted August 12, 2018

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Helping others helps you

A helping hand

by Blue Hendrix

If I give with a heart that's pure,
my soul will feel a peaceful grace.
If I love with a faith that's sure,
True kindness will show in my face.

We all sometimes need a hand up.
Just some hot coffee in our cup.
Share with those that don't have
a bunch,
and surely you'll feel Gods pure touch.

Have No Regretto, Write a Rispetto writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
The Rispetto is written in two quatrains with a rhyme scheme of: abab ccdd. It is written in iambic meter. The line length can vary, 8, 10 or 11 syllables is the norm, but I'll allow leeway as long as the meter is iambic. Metric substitutions are okay if noted in the author's notes. The CEC won't "guess" for you. If you intentionally add feminine endings, say so.

If you want to play it safe, go with 8 syllables per line, no substitutions, and you can't go wrong. :))

Presentation is at the authors discretion and creativity is welcome.

Multiple COMPLETE Rispettos are acceptable. No partials. Each Rispetto must conform to the above rules.


Anita's Realm

Anita, lovely poetess,
sees nature's beauty all around,
feels wind of summer's soft caress,
and hears the magic in its sound.

She sits to write in quiet hours
when from her realm of thought sweet flowers
spring forth! She plucks and sets them free
as lyric words of poetry.

NOTE: As a Californian, I run in to disputes quite often as to pronunciation of certain words. We have a local dialect in Southern California. This is always a point of contention here as an International site. I refer to a dictionary when I'm in doubt and suggest the same for everyone. Yes, that includes dictionaries from YOUR country of origin. In Southern California, "Orange" is one syllable. In the United States dictionary, it's two. I'm stuck with two. :)) Just something to note for ALL contests.
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