General Poetry posted August 6, 2018

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The pet peeves my husband does to aggrevate me!

My grumpy guy!

by Blue Hendrix

I truly hate so many things about this man of mine.
He's always in a terrible mood and thinks thats perfectly fine.
Always a grouch with complaints about everything.
From long lines at the grocery store, to not being able to hear his phone ring.

He never looks at the glass half full it's always empty to him.
It's like he's expecting all situations to have an outcome that's grim.
Don't get me started on the money situation.
Always nagging me with, "you need spending limitations".

Everything I do, in his eyes, seems to be wrong.
From folding towels to singing, the wrong words to a song.
He pretty much has complaints on the way I do any activity.
Sometimes I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle with the king of negativity.

I've also heard I'm too messy, and I need to slow down not rush.
Sometimes I just want to scream, "please just be happy and hush."
But, then I think about the good side of him, I know he's my biggest fan.
I guess thats why I put up with, my grumpy mad at the world man.

Though sometimes it's quite draining and he makes things a little hard.
I know like me he's had a difficult life, and it's left him a little scarred.
So I think I will keep him around,and just try to love all his anger away.
I know he doesn't mean half of the nasty remarks, he just has to have something to say.

But, angry or not he has my heart and I am greatful for our bond.
And, over the years I have learned to love all of him, and still I am quite fond.
I hope this grumpy guy I have will learn to be happy one day.
But, I don't think that's how he was made, so by his side I will stay!

Pet peeves poem about spouse/partne writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
A poem about the pet peeves your spouse or partner aggrevates you with daily!
Any style, length, rhyming or not. Have fun!
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