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Joseph gets a message from deep space from a black star.

A chapter in the book Black Star Message

Black Star Message

by Swampfox1

The story is Chapter One in a new book called Black Star Message. He is real is just part of the message received from the future and now he dwindles on how and what to do with the message
Chapter 1
Just a note to avoid confusion to the reader.  The first part of this chapter begins addressing a person without a name and that person is you the reader.  This is being done to give the reader a more in-depth experience with the story.  I began this book when I was at the university in 1998 and have let it lie dormant until now.  Praying you enjoy your experience.  

Hello!  Come on in.   I wish you could have been here last night around 8p.m.  I had no idea beforehand that any of this was going to take place; otherwise, I would have invited you to be here earlier.   Then, you would have seen some real action.

Sit down let me tell you how it happened.  You need anything before we start?  I have soft drinks, milk, water, lemonade, iced tea, and that’s about it.  Just in case it’s going through your mind, no, I do not carry beer.  Sorry about that.  Sorry if you weren’t and sorry if you were and I don’t have it.

 " Oh, here comes my mother.  She's a real pain.  I   thought I had better warn you before she gets here." 
She’s been going through a lot of trauma since my dad died.  She drives me up a wall.  I don’t know which one is worse, me or her.  We might be running a very close match.  I don’t really know, but time will tell.

" Oh Hello!  How are you?  I am Doris, Joseph’s mother.   Son, I didn’t know you had company.  If you're telling your friend about what happened last night, make sure you tell the truth.  Don't go around exaggerating like you usually do."

            " Now mother, have you ever wondered if perhaps you’re going senile?  Why do you want to plant a seed of doubt, about me, in my reader’s mind?  I am perfectly capable of telling what happened.  I hope you know that, mother dearest.  I thought you were going to the store."

            "Yes, Joseph, be nice to your friend until I get back.  And, please don't hang on the topic of that old tree.  Try to get that out of your mind."

            "How can I get anything out of my mind—mother?  You're always reminding me.  Bye—mother, Joseph said rather sarcastically!"

            "Bye Joseph, I won't be long.  Bye reader.  I hope to see you later.  Don't let Joseph bother you too much.  He's been that way ever since his father got zapped by lightning.  He keeps insisting that God fried his dad."

            I'm glad she finally left.  She may be my mother, but she is one psyched out lady.  If I could have done things differently I surely would have.  It just didn't turn out the way that I expected.  I wasn’t expecting so much stress from a radio antenna intended to pick up communications from extraterrestrials.

Something told me not to even bother, yet I went ahead anyway.  Now I have this thing, this message to deal with from what mother calls black stars, they’re really referred to as black holes.
My mother is the one who really encouraged me.   Just like that old cypress tree outside.   It used to be one of my favorite things to look at until the day my dad died.  It was the first thing to go wrong.  Now Dad is dead, and it’s been one thing after another.

  Mamma said that it was just an accident, but I'm telling you right now God fried him.  Sorry for being so repetitive.  It’s still fresh in my mind and I am taking it hard.  A normal person probably can’t deal with this logically, then consider a person already under stress, like myself, for example.   I'll tell you more about that later, but first let me finish with last night.  My mother was always pestering me with, “Please, Joseph, listen to your mother.  Mama knows best, dear.  You've got to have something to do in the afternoons.  You can't just lay around the house all the time moping, you'll go insane."  Truthfully, I was moping a lot, thinking about my dad, how he got killed, it was taking its toll.

            Well, I still think it’s because of mother, I am going insane.  This bright idea of hers is driving me crazy.  Sorry, I keep repeating myself.  This black star message has me wondering what to do.  I suppose you want to know what I am talking about, don't you?  Well, it’s nothing short of the most important thing that has ever come upon the world.  And, I'm in charge of it.  However, did anyone ever stop to think if I wanted to be in charge?  I don’t think so, but it seems God wanted me to be that person.  Well, let’s just say that I have been blessed with it.  As far as I know, I'm the only one that knows anything about it.  That's what I'm so worried about.  Why me, of all people?  Why do I have to be the one to do this?  Why not some of these highfalutin big shots that they've got up in Washington.  Wouldn’t it sound better being announced on the news?  Why not them?  Why not you?

It was my mom that got me started on the radio telescope thing.  We were talking as always about black holes and she kept insisting it was black stars.  She kept insisting I get a hobby and she said:  "Joseph, why don't you take up something to do with outer space.  You know you've always been interested in Black stars and them empty holes."
            Black Holes, mother, I would tell her.  But she would never listen.
"Oh, Joseph I think once you get your mind set on one of those Black Stars you'll do just fine."
“Mother, how many times do I have to tell you, it's Black Holes, for God's sake."
“Joseph, you think you’re such a know-it-all, but google it and you will see that black stars do exist.  Want to argue the point, put your foot in your mouth, google it, young man.”
“Ok, mother, I will do that.” So, I spun around in my desk chair in my room, the very chair I am sitting in right now, I turned to the computer, and typed in black stars.  Wow!  My mother was right!  What?  There on Wikipedia.org was the answer on a black star (semiclassical gravity).  Not as much gravity as a black hole and some are different in structure.  It stated that: “A similar structure should also exist for the Einstein–Maxwell–Dirac equations system, which is the (super)classical limit of quantum electrodynamics, and for the Einstein–Yang–Mills–Dirac system, which is the (super)classical limit of the standard model.”
“Mother, I owe you an apology and I am sorry.  You have just opened another door to my interest.  Now I have new stuff to work on.”

“No problem, Joseph.  I know you are stressed out about your dad’s death.  I know it worries you.   Just relax and know that he’s in a better place.”

            “Well, after last night, I have to be inclined to agree with you, mother,” I said.  She then said,

            “Well, bye for now.  I will be back a little later.  God bless.”

And that is how she furthered my interest and got me started on the project.  Now, I consider it her fault that I’m in this mess.  Yes, I’ve always been interested in Black holes ever since I read Einstein's theory of relativity.  Einstein claimed that black holes could actually be links to other dimensions and time zones, what he called “Time Warps.”  That is what caught my interest, in fact it made my very heart flutter.  Now I could enter black stars into the equation.  If it has to do with time travel, count me in.  I was kind of hesitant at first, but mother kept insisting so I ventured toward my new hobby.

            I always had this idea that a radio telescope could catch sound waves from another time.  Today's scientists are just concerned with catching radio frequencies from another solar system or part of the universe.  They seem to think that there is a constant stream of radio emissions flowing from every corner of the universe.  That is why that the scientists have these giant radio telescopes that are several hundred feet across.  A total waste of money.  The thing is so big that it picks up local interference.  Like there isn’t enough static and unknown stuff on there already.  I did not have the money to build such a large dish/ antenna, even if I would have wanted to -- that takes millions of dollars.  I am not such a big fancy expert.  Plus, look at all the many years they’ve had these radio telescopes trying to catch something and have not discovered anything.  The only thing that ever made a big notice was the “Wow!-Signal” received on August 15, 1977 by Ohio State University’s Big Ear.  The signal received was 6 E Q U J 5.  Not a major sentence but it was a break through.  It came from the constellation of Sagittarius and bore the expected hallmarks of extraterrestrial origin.  I always had a gut feel that their “6EQUJ5” was to them what E-MC2  is to us here.

There does not exist a constant sound emitting from space as these scientific, yet careless, people claim.  Their own telescopes can create a signal.  Even blackholes have been known to sing, it’s called singing because it is like a constant whistle, a song of a sort.   If a telescope is going to pick up a sound it’s going to do it regardless of the size.  One can see the moon just as well with a small telescope as one can with a big scope.  Therefore, the same thing goes with a radio telescope.  The sound will make it here anyway.  It’s just a matter of having it pointed at the right thing at the right time.  That’s how I feel about it and that is how I continue to feel about it and last night proved my theory to be correct.   I know that I really go in-depth quite a bit and might seem repetitive, but it is all necessary for you to know the complete story.  I could pretty much do what they do with their 5-7-5 poems and write a one-sentence book and have it all done but I don’t think it is possible with a message of this importance.

Anyway, for example, what’s the first thing a person does or says after hearing news of someone getting killed?  They ask how it happened, so this business of cutting it to the bone is not possible in some things.

So, as you can see I became excited about it, I wanted to pursue it, but it was going to take money I did not have or ever will have.  I did not have it that is until my dad died a few weeks ago.  My mom gave me some of the insurance money and I went ahead to see what I could accomplish with the money that I had.  I purchased all the materials and built the thing myself.  I went down to Big Harold's Hardware and bought a 16" satellite dish and a trans-parallel radio receiver.  There's really no reason to have anything bigger, it would be a waste of time because anything else would have been beyond my budget.  Already, I did have to charge some of it.

 What scientists had not been making allowances for was their old-fashioned way of thinking concerning optical telescopes where the aim is the bigger the hardware the more you can see.  In my opinion that is not true.  With sound there are allowances that can be made.  The number one allowance and by far the most important allowance that I made was installing a 3-million-watt amplifier-modified system.  Big Harold at the hardware store was kind enough to call around, scan the Internet, and after finding parts in different locations, he ordered the stuff for me.  He even found a blue print of one type which was very helpful for me.  It almost  fell within my budget.  I couldn’t believe it.

            I know you might not be familiar with any of this, but if I don’t explain it then you will never know how it took place.  The thing is rather simple-- really.  I used several 500-watt audio amplifiers and linked them together via transformers and Multex flux capacitors.  The capacitors would take the link between each amplifier and triple the effect.  Thus, the most minute sound will be amplified many times over.  This, in fact, more than made up for any size deficiency.  All the sounds are making it here and all that is required is amplifying the sound to an audible level.  It’s just like turning up the volume on your radio.

There is one thing that complicates matters just a little further.  I had to allow for frequency changes and install a computer that would dis-allow all sound levels above 60 decibels.   A common human whisper is normally around 30 decibels, and most common radio frequencies are in the range of 5-35 decibels but a somewhat different scale.  It is different from noise and there is an equation to determine that factor.   You see, I wanted to cut all sounds coming from earth, and the further away a sound's port of origin, the lower the decibel reading.  Therefore, by incorporating this method I could filter out all unwanted frequencies and sounds.  The crowning glory, if there is in fact one, is  the audio fixed-level multi-frequency in-line decoder and amplification balance rectifier.  This same feature gives  a video function and print function, if necessary.  I am equipped for analog and digital readout.  I was just hoping that the sender would not be too much more sophisticated than I was.

I had everything mapped out and my next step was installing the dish.  There was one thing that made me fidgety about installing the dish on the roof, I'd have to look at that cypress tree the whole time I'd be out there.  That did not tempt me whatsoever.  You see my Dad had this stupid idea of having a joyful Christmas.  Yeah, right. Who wants to compete with the Jones?  Who wants to spend a year’s worth of income to have a nice Christmas?  It just doesn’t make sense.  Nowhere in the bible did Jesus say to go to Walmart and spend your life savings on his birthday.  I heard Mamma tell my dad not to even worry about it that she'd be happy just having him home for Christmas. 

That wasn't good enough for him.  Mr. Bigshot just had to hang Christmas decorations.  He hadn't been in the tree ten minutes when lightning struck.  That was a pretty sight. Just being sarcastic, it was an unbearable sight.  The lightning burned him so bad that it burned an impression of his hand in the tree.  The tree hasn’t bloomed since.  It’s been like that since Dad died.  What next?
Well, I went on the roof and I kept my back turned as much as possible.  There were times that I just could not help but looking at it and it reminded me of one of the saddest days of my life.  Mother did not want to hear about cutting the tree down.  "Oh, it'll grow back dear, just give it time."  If it would have been up to me the tree would have come down the same day.  I know, I know, I’m really hung up on this tree thing.

I managed to get the dish in place though.  I placed it high atop our one-story roof facing 12 degrees north by 60 degrees east.  This placed the dish looking straight at the nearest stellar system which was Alpha Centauri.   The star system was 4,367 light years from earth;  but there are three super novas in that direction which give me my best shot.  "Okay Mom," I thought, "Here goes your Black Star project."

 I ran wires from the dish.  There were three co-axial cables, really, and I ran them in such a way that I didn't have to look at that tree.  I also had to make sure that I could tie the cables down so that the wind would not get a hold of them.  The reason for this is that if the cable moves, with energy going through it, the movement can cause a minute signal that I did not want generated.  All I needed was for the cable to play a Morse code effect.  Every 24" I would tack down the wire with a wire tacking system that I had bought at the hardware store.  I charged the dish and some of the stuff to my Dad's account.  Let them try and get money out of a dead-man.  I’ll pay back as much as I can when I can.

            Once I got to the edge of the roof I dropped the wires down.  This way I could use my window as a measuring point.  I was going to run the wires through a crack in the window, but my Mom would not hear of it.

 "You're either going to do this right, or don't do it at all," those were her exact words.  I don't know why she made such a big deal out of it.  Well that was it.  A few more tacks in strategic places, and it was finished.  At least for up here.

             Then finally, I was able to climb down.  The trouble is I had to use the same ladder that Dad had used.  It was wood and there were burn scars all over it.  I really don't think he suffered long, but he would not have had to suffer at all had he listened to Mom.  There isn’t any way around it I guess.

 “There are times you just have to stare life straight in the face,” my mom would often say.  There are times she makes perfect sense, but then she aggravates me a lot too because she tends to hit nerves and things I am trying to avoid thinking about.

            Once the wires were inside I had the monstrous task of sorting out the co-axial cables and connecting them to their prospective entry points.  One went directly into the receiver-monitor, another one went into a special decoder I had built, and the last one went into a video synchronization module.

The way that I had pointed the dish enabled me to by-pass a lot of solar noise.  My next step in setting up the dish was going to Hal-Mart and getting their best printer.  I purchased a Cell Packward 2001 and bought two transceivers to allow facilitation of conversion.  I had two signals to convert.  I had an audio to convert to analog and digital, and at the same time I had to convert and relay the message to the printer.  I also had the same thing going on a video scale.  It was the best that I could do with the money that I had.  It took a lot of technical stuff to get that message, I just wanted to impress that upon you so that you would understand what it took to get the message; and it didn’t come easy.

            As a final ritual I ran wires from the receiver, just before the printer, and installed a special decoding program just in case.  The decoder I designed myself.  Then as a final sort of initiation I sat down and drank a six pack before I turned the system on.  I shouldn’t have been drinking but I was wore out to the bone, as is often said in Cajun Country.  I just sat there admiring it.  The more I got drank the more I admired it.  I have never been so proud of anything as I was of that radio telescope.

I was even more proud of myself when I turned it on.  The way that I had aimed the dish had dropped a lot of solar noise.  There was hardly any static at all. I was also by-passing the super-nova systems (black  holes) by 30 degrees which allowed for universal orbit.  What this meant was that I could catch signals a lot faster and wouldn't have to wait as long for results.
            You see Einstein's theory supported space travel in such a manner as to mathematically figure where a certain part of the universe would be at a given time in the space-time continuum.  Okay, let me make it just a tad simpler.  Let's say you want to travel to the nearest star, which is alpha Centauri--Well that star is 4,367 light years away.  That would take a real long time—right?   Nope--not if you figure where that star was perhaps 20 years ago.  You see, the whole universe rotates on an orbit and that star might have been where the earth is now 20 years ago.  To travel twenty years into the universe's past would probably only take several minutes.  Now even though the star is still so many  light years away in a straight line, if you open a time warp you might be only a three-hour journey away.  You see what I am trying to say?

 Therefore, by traveling in a clockwise or counterclockwise manner you could intercept that part of the universe.  Therefore, I calculated for such diversity in sound travel and instead of having to wait Thirty thousand years, sound travels a lot slower than light, to hear my message I could intercept it with only a 30-minute wait.

I listened to it sometimes all night long.  That was in the beginning.  It gradually decreased as time went on.  Eventually I got bored with listening and never hearing anything, until last night.
            About 8p.m., I was busy watching TV, not paying any mind to it.  The radio telescope started making a whirring noise and then the computer started hissing and the printer started full gallop, and the video monitor came on full white with no sign of a picture, but a bunch of static.  I have never heard anything like it, before.  To tell you the truth, I hope I never do again.  When I started reading the message I almost felt like bashing in the printer.  I would have done it too if I could have found anything to bash it in with.

            I can't believe this happened to me.  But it did, and I must bear with it.  I must carry the responsibility that has been fed to me.  I can no longer resist it.  I thought about it for a long time.  At first, I was going to do nothing at all.  The more I thought about it, however, the more I realized that I have my own soul to worry about.  How is that you might be thinking?  Well it’s because of something my mom read me out of the bible.  “"Son of Man, Speak unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me.  When I say unto the wicked (the unbelievers), Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked (the unbeliever) from his wicked way (his religion that cannot save), to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand (Ezekiel 3:17-18)."

Therefore I must release this message to the world, and I'm going to start with you.  And you are also held responsible by the same bible verse knowing, now, that the message might save some person unknowingly to either of us.

Mom also kept harassing me about it,  she said I had to do something.  "Joseph, what's the point of getting the message if you're just going to let it rot.  "  I'm scared to say that it kind of made sense.
So here's how it came in over the printer:

 "This message is directed to anyone who might still be alive.  ?!@?!@?!@?!?@**&!@??@?@!?@?@?." While you are looking at this note that the marks such as question marks, exclamation marks, the @ sign , etc., all stand for things that the printer could not distinguish.  Things that the printer did not know how to translate or convey or didn’t have the font or Printware to recreate what was being received.

            There was a faint resemblance of a picture on the video screen, but it was barely discernible.  It didn't look realistic anyway.  It wasn't like nothing I had ever seen.
            The darn decoder wasn't working.  I started looking for loose or disconnected wires.  Nope, it wasn't going to be that easy.  I banged with my open hand across the side of the decoder and gave it an awful shaking.
            "reach someone to warn them.  This is the year 2032.  @!?@!?@?!?@!?@?!@?@!?@!?@!?@."
            I slapped the decoder a little bit harder and was tempted to bash it against the wall.
            I could make out the outline of a person on the video screen, but I could not see the face well enough to make out any features.  Well, that was wasted money.
            " I do not know how much longer even I will be alive.  I want to tell anyone who sees this message to please believe."

            There was a faint semblance of a voice coming over the monitor.  It seemed to be keeping pace with the printer for some reason.  Either I wired something wrong or the guy was just sort of a moderately paced talker.

            The printer stopped printing.  I was appalled.  Did the message quit or was it the equipment?  I was flooded with emotions.  The first thing I wanted to do was smash that decoder with the biggest sledge I could find.  Then my heart was still pumping adrenaline from the experience.  I had finally got a message.  What in the world did it mean?  Believe in what?  The printer started back again without warning.

            "In the last days @?%#õ?&?******? who ?,,¯¯#%not believe,  there were%***%%%*¯¯+¨@@¨¯¨@******¯¯¯never come, even members o@$%#õ&*()__mily thought he would never come, I#%¯%%#¯%%#### started three years ago !too#%the people,  his people, quit praying.
            The printer quit printing again.  No wonder it was on sale.  never again.  never again.
            I started getting frustrated.  I had the decoder in my hand about to toss it when the printer started again.
            "¯*)(_+ople being brought up into the air, to meet him,  !#@, him! He is real, @# exists, please tell any#@@ you know that he is real, the lamb is real, the #*&õiah is real, the #*&ist is real, there is a Go____.@#$%õ@"

            Then the decoder started smoking and the printer stopped.  I don't know what caused it.  It could have been electronic structure overload perhaps.  Who knows?  But the big question was, what do I do about the message?

            That's why I'm telling you.  I've got to start somewhere, and I can't keep anything like this to myself.  So, I am starting with you.   Well, it was along about this time that my mother came in.  You follow me.  I was very frustrated with the equipment and everything going wrong.
            "Joseph, I'm home.  It's your mama, I'm home.  Where are you Joseph?"
            "For God sakes Mom, would you please shut up.  I'm in my bedroom."

            She hit me right in the middle of an emotional  roller coaster I didn't even have time to breathe.  I didn’t have the mental ability to deal with the message, to digest it, and deal with my mom at the same time.  I had been expecting a small signal.  I had not been expecting anything of this magnitude.  You know a message like, “Here we are , we are the aliens,” something like that.  Then of all things, she had to come up with that new question of hers that had become a synopsis of her very being.

            " How's your new hobby going dear?  Did you get any messages yet?"
            "I find that a bit sarcastic mother, and for your information, I most certainly did get a message.  Now would you tell me what the hell am I supposed to do with it?"
            I tossed the sheet of paper at her feet and she looked rather astounded.  She picked it up rather carefully, sort of like there would be some bacteria from outer space on it or something.
            "What's all these funny marks between the words Joseph?"
            "I think I hooked up one too many amplifiers I should have put more capacitors and heat sinkers in.  It would have been less strain.  But then, it could have been the printer that was too cheap of a printer."
            "Joseph, I think this is very nice, this could be some great discovery.  This could be your breakthrough."
            "Mama, you didn't even read the thing.  There's nothing important in it."
            "It certainly looks important, Joseph.  You'll never know unless you try."
            "Did you even bother reading it, Mamma?  There's nothing important there.  I'm telling you.  I don't think anybody would care if I could even convince them it's true."
            "You're the one that has to care enough to make it matter Joseph."  She then sat down and began to read the message.  She had great difficulty, but she managed to make sense of it.  "Joseph, you have got to do something with this.  This is what is needed to change the direction the world is going in.  This could change the course of history."

            "Don't start Mom.  How would I go about doing such a thing?  I, for one, am not Billy Graham, I am not a preacher, nor do I intend to be.  Anyway, people have been hearing this God thing for thousands of years and they still don't believe it.  What am I some kind of miracle maker?"
 "You don't like it when I start preaching, Joseph, but someone has got to talk sense in that head of yours- You can't expect one word to turn people around like a light switch lighting up a dark room -- You do know that's not how it works-- don't you?"       

            "Yes, mother.... How is it supposed to work?  I'm not God you know.  I’m sure you're very aware of that --I just don't have the patience to sit and talk things out with every person I meet-- nor would I want to."

"Joseph, nobody asked you to do any such thing.  It starts with one small step at a time.  First you convince yourself-- Then you meet someone that's having a bad day-you tell them--Then one day you look over your shoulder, and you've got a small army following your ideal--That's how it's done-- One small step at a time."

            “Well, as you can see, that’s how it all got started, but there's plenty more to add.  You see I had to give the message to someone, and I've got to keep on keeping on, so to say.  I know it's a cliché, but it's the only set of words that describes how I feel.  I've just got to keep on keeping on.  I like the sound of it, and it sounds even sweeter when you're feeling depressed. “Try it sometime.  That's all there is to the message, but if you want to come around tomorrow for Chapter 2 I’ll tell you about my Dad and other stuff.  I will figure out a way to get the message going and perhaps you can help me with the message.  “See you in Chapter Two.”


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