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Just be your self.

If I had just one wish

by Emily George

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

If I had just one wish
Babies would be born with wings
Teenagers would see their potential
And adults would be happy in their skins

And so it goes, that I look around me and see people with blank faces. Rushing here and there, not getting anywhere fast. I ask myself why are we rushing? What are we afraid to miss. Then I think are these the thoughts of a depressed person? I decide no, it's the world that is repressed.
I'm late for work and so I rush to my car. I have forgot my keys and damn it! I closed the front door behind me. We are so paranoid Greg and I, that the place is locked up like Fort Knox. Greg built the side gate, but it is so heavy and the wood has swollen with the rain. No I can't budge it so I will have to climb over the bloody thing! Oh God! I'm half way over and stuck. Old Mr. what's his name is watching me from behind his curtain. I know because I can see the curtain moving about. He never talks which is why I don't know his name. I can hear the kids next door to me, on the other side, laughing.

'You could help!' I shout, but they pretend not to be there. School holidays another reason for the traffic jams. I'm pulling at my shoe with my right hand, and next thing I know I'm on the ground.

'She's got big girl pantie's!' the brats next door cheer.

Mortified as I am, I make my way through the open back door. We never lock this door, because you can't open the bloody gate! I think to myself of all the days to be late. Today when I have a meeting about tardiness, with my office staff. I look at my ripped stockings and rush to change. Right, I'm fat! I think as I look in the mirror, and I wear big girl pantie's so what! I pick up the keys on the hall table. I feel like they too are mocking me.

Not a good start to my morning, and the radio is depressing me. I drum my fingers on the steering wheel, another traffic jam. School holidays! I start to really listen to the content of what I listen to every morning. I realise that in the last half hour I have been told that women have to work. Babies are better off in childcare, than at home. Apparently! Our school children in Australia, are academically behind Japanese children. And it's the parents fault. Then last but not least, adults are so obese, that we are killing our selves, and will all die. We have a huge range of illnesses to choose from, Diabetes, heart disease the big "C."
I don't no why I'm doing all this? I think I will go home. So I tell myself, that I'm going to.

Back home the big Boss, is so understanding that I have a virus. And I have! I have decided I'm allergic to the doom and gloom around me, so today is for me. I am now butt naked. I look my reflection in the mirror. I'm not skinny and gaunt! I have womanly curves. I am not obese! But healthy. I do some deep yoga breaths and step into my spa bath with a glass of bubbly champagne. And it's only ten o clock in the morning. It is divine, and I feel no guilt for having a mental health day. I chuckle at this, who made that one up?
Clean and tingly, from my soak, or the bubbles? I treat myself to doing nothing. And I'm feeling totally happy in my skin.

100 Word Flash Fiction contest entry

I just get sick of being told what to think and do. do you?
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