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A visit to Rachel's parents.

A chapter in the book My Brothers' Keeper


by aryr

PREVIOUSLY: Rachel is a forensic medical examiner, who after receiving disturbing news, decides she needs some alone time to think. So, she goes to a B&B in a large park, but gets lost, Gray the wolf finds her incapacitated and goes home to Daniel to get him to help her. Daniel is a Native American and a successful lawyer. She decides to stay with him in his modern cave rather than the B&B. Her family is aware and that she is safe. She confesses her medical history, and of the discovery of a chimera-her twin brother that her body had absorbed. Gray gets hurt but survives. They are now visiting her parents.........
NOW TO CONTINUE................................................

Of course, Bob and Sue had to ohhh and aww over Gray. Bob was keenly interested in the fact that they had a wolf in front of them, one that was obviously well trained. He noticed the dressing on his leg, asking what had happened. Gray had forgotten, but once reminded, he developed his limp.

"Let's get the bags and we can go inside. Mother has made a lunch, just something simple, a meat and cheese tray with crackers or fresh bread. And we have a wide range of drinks," Robert suggested.

Daniel and Robert grabbed the bags, which left the two women to walk side by side. Gray, of course, limped beside the women. Rachel quickly whispered to her mother the story of the observation the vet had made, she could hear Daniel explaining the story to Robert.

The bags were taken upstairs and placed in Rachel's room, "Sleeping can be sorted out later, right now, it is lunch and catch up time," Robert commented. "Oh and call me Bob or even Dad if you are comfortable."

The cheese tray was a great idea, they could all nibble and talk. Rachel quickly brought her parents up to date regarding work. She chose to say nothing about the pending closure of the lab. Daniel quickly relayed the abbreviated yet detailed story of his life. And Bob and Sue explained the ranch and its progress.

After this was all said, Rachel excused herself for a couple of minutes. She slowly went upstairs and retrieved the small box, which was wrapped in brightly colored tissue paper. She knew in her mind that it was best to get this over with.

When she returned, her parents eyes naturally focused on the tissue wrapped box.

"Mom, Dad. I wanted to share this with both of you before Tim and Phillip showed up. It certainly was for me and will be for you and them, a shocking surprise." She reached over and grabbed Daniel's hand. This action did not go unnoticed by either parent.

"A few weeks ago, I developed a lump, which grew substantially and very fast. I had Angie, remember she came up for a visit, anyway, I had her check and we decided to remove it. It was sent to pathology, in case it was cancerous. It wasn't, thank God. It was however, emotionally mind boggling. In this box I have the ashes of Daniel Robert Smyth." She paused to watch the faces of her parents.

"There is not a Daniel, only Tim and Phillip," her father said as her mother nodded.

"Apparently, I was one of two. Mom, you were actually carrying twins when I was conceived. But for some reason, I absorbed him. It was a boy. And I carried him around within me until just a few weeks ago and then he decided it was time he went his own path." She had tears in her eyes.

Her parents were dumbfounded. They both had tears and her mother had her hand over her mouth.

"When I found out, I just felt I had to name him, I sort of liked the name Daniel and it was before I met this wonderful man. I also knew that the other two boys had your middle name Dad, just like I have Mom's. So, I had him blessed and cremated. That's why I needed a break before I came."

"Oh, you poor thing, having to go through all this without us. You should have called sooner. You make us feel like such bad parents. My God! How could this have happened?" Her mother cried as she spoke.

"Well for one thing, it sure explained why from time to time, my lab work was crazy. He was a living part of me that we didn't know about. He was what modern medicine calls -a chimera. Otherwise I am fine, completely healed. But I wanted to bring him home, here is where he needs to be. Okay?"

This time it was her father who drew in a deep breath and let it out, nodding as he spoke. "It is our honor that you thought so much of us, of the family and of him to do so. I have the perfect spot, on the corner of the fireplace mantel, if that's okay with you?"

Both she and her mother nodded, as he unwrapped the tissue and looked at the neat scripture name on the box.

"Let's go put this where he belongs and say a prayer," her father said as he pushed the chair back. They all rose and followed to the living room. A prayer was voiced, before they returned to the kitchen.

"Son, we just found and lost a Daniel in our lives, but I sure hope we have found another Daniel." He reached across and grabbed his hand.

"Yes Sir, I hope so too. I guess we should finish the rest of the story." He looked at Rachel, who nodded. "Rachel decided to take a short break before visiting you, so she ended up in Algonquin Park and then got lost, Gray found her and came to get me to get her, so I rescued her and called Tim who was listed as her emergency contact. She wanted to stay with me, after sharing her story, we discovered that we enjoyed each other's company. It was sort of love at first sight. Now we are here."

"Well, I am glad of that, all of it. I am sure both of us will have more questions, but I think for now a little distraction is due, giving us time to absorb what we have heard. Let's go look at the ranch. Come on Gray, you are such a good boy."

"Did you all notice what he did during the prayer?" her mother asked, "He laid down and crossed his paws over his nose, as if he knew the significance of the moment."

They rose again and went out the back door to explore the ranch and petting zoo.

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