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Letter to the President

by nassus1957

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

Sorry dear readers, I should have posted Part 5 of this series but this old post just popped out. I can't seem to retrieve my new post. I will try my best to re-post Part 5. My apologies.

This is supposed to be my personal rant about the vitriol and rage of the Socialist-Democrats in America, of which we are all witnessing today. I am sick and tired of the radical Left's violence and hatred and this letter to the President is my way of letting off the steam.

Dear President Trump,

No matter how much the Trump-bashing CNN and MSNBC, the Marxist-Socialists, and the unhinged Democrats have relentlessly demonized you and your supporters as the evil enemy, as Nazis and despicable non-human beings, this hateful rhetoric will resonate only with their tribe. I will never be brainwashed by their lie. I believe the peaceful, freedom and flag-loving Americans will look at news with such caution and profound analysis.

The thinking Americans know that you have not gassed anyone in a concentration camp. They know that you don't have the mass murder reputation of Stalin, Fidel Castro and Mao Tse Tung, three famous historical figures and the most revered heroes of the Socialist-Democrats. Mr. President, your supporters will never succumb to the crazy spins and propaganda of the far Left and the Democratic Party, who by now have aligned themselves as one united front to unseat you. Only a dead-brain Marxist-Socialist and a regressive Democrat will suck in to that idiotic metaphorical comparison.

A true Conservative thinker, who adheres to the Constitution will see through the cunning schemes of mob rule, legitimization of violence, public shaming and denying your officers and supporters the freedom of movement and public association, simply because they don't subscribe to their ideology. The Socialist-Democrats obviously play hard and dirty. They will take any popular and sensitive social issue as an opportunity to turn into an emotional blackmail rather than a rational debate and agitate their zombie cadres to take down a sitting government.

Their agenda is clear, to paint the President and his supporters as the enemy of democracy and the Nazis of their imagination. Lou Dobbs, in his program at Fox News, described this name-calling game as an outlandish rhetoric of the Left that has no resemblance whatsoever to that tragic past of Germany's history. This is a sly strategy of the Socialist-Democrats, as if covertly pushing for the harm that may be planned against the President and his supporters by some incensed Left-wing nut, brainwashed by the repeated Nazi branding who may actually gun down their hated perceived Nazis, as a heroic act to save humanity in their world view of a Utopian paradise. Now, who are the real cult-like sycophants that the media and the Democrats are too eager to label us (you and your supporters)?

Mr. President, all peace-loving Americans, should not dismiss this as a far-fetched scenario with the culture of violence, being openly supported by the radical Leftists and the Democrats. The Socialist, currently the new face of the Democratic Party are fanning the flames of incivility, hatred of Western civilization and willful physical assault as a cool tool of resistance. These radicalized mob tend to see only the imaginary ills of their enemy, (the Republicans and the Conservatives), except themselves. They are literally living in a bubble.

Funny, if they hate America so much, that this country is the worst place to live in and a lethal place run by racists, then why would they champion the cause of more illegal aliens moving in and living here? If you are not proud to be Americans, then why the hell are you still here? Your logical course of action is to pack up and enjoy the company of your Socialist comrades in Venezuela, Cuba or Canada. But yes, the Socialists and the Leftist Democrats are still here and there must be a sinister reason for staying here. Mr. President, the Socialist-Democrats chose to stay here in the most evil country they hate most, because of an ulterior motive to reform America into a Socialist state.

And they have the gall to accuse the Conservatives and Republicans maliciously of evil intent. May we remind them that America was long founded on the conservative ideals of freedom, liberty, individualism, free market economy, respect for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, love of country and love of God. The Republicans and the Conservatives would fight to keep these ideals and not to change America into what it is not, such as the Socialist reforms of the Leftists and the party which support them. Mr. President, we cannot allow the ideology of Karl Marx, Freidrich Engels and Saul Alinsky, of which America was never founded, to be integrated into the American psyche. But the indoctrinated Socialists and the Democrats think otherwise, for they claim only them, have the moral right to dictate what is wrong in the universe and save it.

History will remind us, that America has never embraced Socialism and Communism to be woven into the fabric of the American society because of its inhumane record of mass murder and genocide as a necessary cost and tool to realize the goals of a perfect society, a fantasy and failed dream of the Socialist-Democrats up until now. Consider Venezuela, Bernie Sander's socialist heaven, a gun-free state, ironically, is the murder capital of the world. Venezuela, a country which completely annihilated private business, will go down in history as the show window of an economic Armageddon of the 21st century.

Mr. President, is this what the Socialist-Democrats dream for America, a Venezuelan replica that advocated for a gun-free citizenry yet the Socialist controlled police and criminal thugs are allowed to keep their guns, to instill fear and obedience among its citizens and are made to drink without question, the milk of Communism and Socialism?

Come to think of it, who are fighting hard for gun control, who are espousing the open call for violence, who are clamoring for the abolition of ICE, who cultivated the culture of violence and disrespect for the men in blue uniform? Well, the Hollywood wing in tandem with its sick Leftist comedy, the lying mainstream media wing, and the organized protest group wing like Antifa, BLM and the Social Justice Warriors, cozily supported by the Democrats are singing one melody, a familiar tune reminiscent of the Venezuelan model.

Consider the politically correct Nancy Pelosi, in connivance with the American Left would rather take the cause of MS-13, (a gang of criminals notorious for rape, bestial mutilation and chopping of body parts of their victims), rather than offend them with truth and call them by a name that best describes their beastly deeds and crimes. Perhaps the American Left too, will welcome the murderous Communist rule of Kampuchea over Cambodia, under Pol Pot, a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary who weaponized the Khmer Rouge and massacred 3 million Cambodians, many of whom are Christians and farmers buried in the killing fields of Cambodia.

Therefore, Mr. President, America under your leadership anchored on the American conservative ideals, is a reality that the radical American Left and the Democrats will always hate and fight hard. The truth is, the Democrats and the Socialist don't have a real message because they only have rage and feelings, making the separation issue at the US borders alive to the level of emotional hysteria, even after you have signed an executive order for uniting the children and parents, of which Chuck Schumer demand himself. After the implementation of that order, the separation issue should have been a lost cause. But the emotional outrage and protests did not stop as expected, this time, clamoring for the release of the reunited families into the American society without going through the legal process. What an insane demand and they have gone a notched higher by demanding the abolition of ICE agents. Wow, Mr. President I really smell something here, the Venezuelan blue print?

What do the Socialists and the Democrats really want? I guess the writings on the wall are all too obvious. I can only assume that Soros' open border society troops are working overtime funding the emotional mob protests at our US border facilities. Yes, the radical Left stung and poisoned by the ivy of unicorns and Utopian fantasy, intoxicated by the prospect as self-righteous saviors of humanity like Peter Strzok, will continue to make the separation issue alive to deflect the impact of the recent FBI scandal in the light of Strzok's anti-Trump text messages, which may have influenced the Mueller Russian collusion witch hunt. Thanks to Sean Hannity for exposing the FBI fiasco in his program at Fox News, providing the viewers with hard facts backed up by in-depth investigative research.

Mr. President, I cannot understand the ridiculous logic of the illegal aliens crying as victims of oppression and racism, when they have actually broken the law upon entering the US border without any valid documents. Valid passports and other proofs of identity are universal regulatory entry requirements in all countries around the globe. These may be waived in case of asylum seekers for humanitarian reasons but still subject to verification procedure which is also a normal legal procedure in any country. It is unthinkable that several thousands of unknown background will seek asylum at the same time, in the same foreign port of entry. This cannot be a freak case of coincidence. We are not even sure, if some asylum seekers consciously are using this ploy to avoid prosecution for illegal entry.

What extra privilege do they have? I am personally offended and insulted by this biased concern for illegal aliens. I waited patiently in line for two years since 2015, submitting all the necessary documentary requirements before I was finally issued a US immigrant visa under category IR5 last December 2017. I got my green card as a permanent US resident and secured too, my SSS card last January 2018. I waited for another three months for my medical clearance, which was cleared for employment by first week of April 2018. Then, I recently opened a savings account at the bank of America last month June 2018. Sir, I followed the rules religiously.

As such, it is difficult for me to sympathize with the biased outrage on the plight of illegal aliens. It does not mean however that I am callous to the needs of the little children who are dear to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. But I cannot close my eyes to the fact, that some of these children are being taken advantage of by the dangerous human trafficking and drug cartels or are being used as pawns by the radical Left, as a political opportunity to set their agenda in motion with emotionally charged protests against you, Mr. President.

For those who were with me back then, lining up at the gates of the US Embassy in my country, majority of whom, have even waited from 10 to 15 years, before they finally got their US immigrant visa, they felt like hitting a jackpot towards their American dream. The waiting period, the expenses incurred for following up their immigrant status and the uncertainty of approval are regulatory hurdles an applicant has to undergo in chasing a better life in America. Giving extra privileges therefore to the illegal aliens is a great injustice for those who chose to follow the rules than break them.

It is all the more unjust for the Angel families who were victims of illegal immigrants and were separated permanently from their murdered children. Thank you Mr. President for giving them a voice to be heard, for the mainstream media will never give them a megaphone, because their cause does not fit the Leftist narrative.

The nerve of the lying media, accusing you Mr. President, of using the Angel families as a propaganda. Look who's talking? The mainstream media parrot the phrase "separation of families", non-stop, 24/7, in lock step, and that's not a propaganda? Then accuse all too easily the President of an action, the Left-wing media openly do without let-up for days. The bitter truth is, the Democrats and the Socialists will shut down any debate, for they only have hate and an outrage machine dehumanizing Republicans and Conservatives.

As such, the DEMS and their allies will never be happy with your success in economy, in ISIS control, in nuclear threats reduction, in big tax cuts and in keeping all your promises, because you represent the antithesis of the Leftist ideology.

Mr. President, how can we get back respect into politics and put some sense into the muddled head of Maxine Waters and all those who embrace violence against you, your family, your officers and supporters? Who then are the real anarchists occupying the streets of America?

Perhaps, it is true after all, that the Republicans have been silent for far too long against the hateful mantra of the Socialist-Democrats. Perhaps, it is time to fight back and call out the Trump-hating party for what they are. I am not calling for violent retaliation though, for we should never stoop down to their gutter-level hatred, spewing Nazi accusation rants and name-calling tactics against their opponents.

Mr. President, perhaps, mobilizing security agents to take care of those who openly declare harm and threats to you and your supporters will bring the Democrats to their senses. Perhaps, a mass protest of prayer may melt the steeled hatred of the Left and may pave the way to a rational discourse and a free exchange of views. Perhaps, a throng of praying Christians or a praise song concert may be launched after your MAGA rallies in contrast to the violent chants of the Social Justice Warriors, the destruction of properties by Antifa and the BLM's hate protests.

Mr. President, we should not allow the Socialist-Democrats to monopolize public opinion. But when we do claim our rights to be heard, we must not follow their model. It should only be a peaceful prayer mass action for the success of your Presidency and in making America great again. It could also be a Christian songs concert to drown out the hateful rhetoric of the Left, similar to the sound of the trumpets of Jericho in the Bible to save America from the evil clutches of Socialism, Communism and the radical rules of Saul Alinsky.

Mr. President, the time to act is now, for those afflicted with the Trump derangement syndrome have lost their civility, normalizing harassment and violence against those who don't think and act like them. Remember the shaming of Sara Sanders; the harassment of Pam Bondi, Kirstjen Nielsen and Stephen Miller; the gunning down of Steve Scalise; the sick fantasies of Peter Fonda's sodomy of the President's son and the dream of kidnapping Sara Sander's children; and the despicable fantasy of that Canadian comedian on raping the President's 4 year old grand daughter.

Remember too, Madonna's wild dream of bombing the White House, some rapper's fantasy of selling the First Lady to prostitution; the Kathy Griffin saga and Johnny Dep's insinuation of the President's assassination; Bill Maher and Samantha Bee's vulgar and sick comedy on Ivanka; and Robert De Niro's anti-Trump name-calling tirades.

Unfortunately, Mr. President, the Republicans don't have the media machine and the Hollywood megaphone of the Democrats. They only have Fox News and the fact is, the Leftist voice like Juan Williams and the critical Chris Wallace, Jessica Tarlov and some lady Leftist Fox contributors are never silenced on Fox News. The Conservatives cannot even equal the Left-wing dominated comedy, for Fox News only have Greg Gutfield's sound bytes to balance the radical Left's brand of humor. The Fox News Network is not even an exclusive conservative channel for some Fox anchors are either neutral or critical of your Presidency. We can depend however on conservative anchors and programs at Fox News consistently providing a platform for conservative views, for balanced reporting and for relaying an objective report of the actual developments in the White House.

( The continuation of my Letter to the President will be featured as Part 2 in my next post. Of course I don't want the readers to be bored with a very lengthy letter).
Note: I have posted Part 5 of this series but this previous post just popped out. I can't seem to retrieve my latest post. Sorry but I will try my best to re-post Part 5.


My views are personal to me, and I don't intend to impose mine to the readers. Please do review also Part 2 of my "Letter to the President". Thanks Google images for the picture of the President used in this post.
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