Writing Fiction posted June 16, 2018

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I am stuck

The Elevator

by Harry Smith

I am stuck in an elevator and I don't know what to do. People are all around me, but they don't even have a clue. I made a frantic phone call, receiving no answer caused my anxiety to go wild. I am now swetting, breathing anxiously and just don't know what else to do. It is now about 4:00 p.m.; the company I work for will be closing at 5:00 p.m. I am banging and screaming for help with no response. I am stuck in this elevator. When ever I have any type of problem I began to pray this time is no different. I am now praying that I will be given the strength and patience to wait until it is discovered that the elevator is not working. I know that there is a daily delivery that comes into the company around 4:30 p.m. daily and the elevator must be used to deliver the product to the appropriate laboratory. I also know that the product that is being delivered must be placed in the appropriate container to preserve it, which is a temperature freezer that is monitored. If the elevator is still inoperable when the technician tries to deliver the product, then the elevator repairman will be immediately called to repair the elevator. I continue to use the phone to see if I can get the on-site guards to answer their phone, but I am still getting no response. I continue to pray asking the Lord to give me strength and patience to wait until elevator repairman is called to come out to repair the elevator. I decided to make another phone call and this time the Security Guard answers the phone. I inform the guard that I am stuck in the elevator, since we have only one elevator in this building the guard immediately knew the location of the elevator. The guard indicated that he would be alerting our facilities technicians and the Safety Manager that would know what to do. I knew that all I would need to do now is to remain calm and wait to be rescued. At approximately 4:45 the elevator opened, and I was saved. I considered this to be an act of God that I eventually reached someone on the phone and they knew what to do. It was quite an ordeal to be stuck in the elevator!

Stuck in an elevator writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a short story. The topic is: Stuck in an elevator!

The elevator in the building I work in has been inoperable several times this year. I stop using because I feared getting stuck in it.
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