General Fiction posted June 12, 2018

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Mommy loves her great big girl


by jusylee72

Hot, humid, normal for August, yet this night felt different.

Maybe she could see the sun today.  

She questioned herself, this girl named Mercy, a name given by her mother, in hopes that something like a God truly did exist.

This world's rules rang with rage, rumbled with religion, roared with righteousness. Mercy knew her place.

They only allowed her out of her four walls at night. She slept during the light she could not see. She followed the ritual.

She began her offering to the council, knelt beside her bed, just as she had been taught as a child and gave thanks to the protectors.

"I give myself to thee. Do as Thy will with my soul. Let my eyes and mind praise thee and know that you will protect me. Let me honor you with my servitude. Let my spirit be led by your knowledge and love."

Cook the meal. Accept the compliments if given. If one of them finds fault you must return to your room and await your punishment.

Eight days without punishment, longer than ever before.

She had private names for the twenty, names that had never been spoken.

Today, the one she called, "The Ugliest" rose from his chair.

Short with his words, not required to justify his judgment, he simply said, "Return to your room."

Mercy quietly, accepting her disgrace, turned toward her chamber.

It might have been the brief hope she felt as she awoke. It might have been the part of her mind she had never given to the council. Maybe, it was the memory of her Mother, before they took her away.

"Mommy, where are you going? "

"I must do what they say. I have no choice. Remember you are strong, beautiful, powerful. Stay safe my love. They say I can see you soon. If I prove I am worthy. When I am allowed. Until then, remember our song."

"Mommy loves her great big girl
Mommy loves her baby
Outside there's a great big world
A great big tree to play in
Daddy loves his baby too
The air is fresh, the wind is new
No more walls can hold our hearts
Climb and look up at the stars"

"Outside there's a great big world." 

Her outside was the small breezeway in the middle of the building. There, you could feel the wind, see the sky, enjoy the rain.  

Once, before the dark days, Mommy took her up a staircase and let her look out of a circular glass.  "The wind lives in the tree by the wall", Mommy's voice whispered in her thoughts.

Her Chamber to the left, door to the right.  

He wouldn't come for at least an hour.

Not knowing why she turned right. 

Oddly, the door was not locked. 

Outside, her steps grew faster.  Running, she could not stop. 

It stood. 

The tree so large now reached over the wall.

The climb felt easy.

"Mommy, I'm coming." 

The sun began to rise.


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