General Poetry posted June 7, 2018

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My man Dan Depression and our long friendship

Mr. Danny Depression

by Blue Hendrix

Personification of an Emotion poem Contest Winner 
My obsession with the infamous Danny depression.
Well it all started as my youth was in progression.
I guess my life started to change about age thirteen.
When some days I just woke up feeling angry and mean.

But, my friend Danny was always there.
He would say let's just take a few days off to lay in bed and stare.
So me and my buddy Dan would escape to our Solitude.
Until we felt better and lost the bad attitude.

As I grew closer to adulthood and entered college.
Danny depression would say you need a break from all this knowledge.
So off to my room we would go pulling the covers over our head.
Hibernating just for a week or two til we no longer felt the need to be dead.

Things in Life would soon go back as they were.
Don't know where Danny was, it was all a blur.
Then as adults do when the time is right,
I got married and had children and, try as I might.

That friend from childhood would always reappear.
Usually at the most inconvenient times, like
when a project for work was due or my children's birthday was near.
And, off to our hideaway Danny and I would flee.
No one allowed in just me, my best bud, and a little TV.

Yes, kids would be disappointed and boss might be mad.
But, hey what could I do I was a little sad.
So this behavior became what everyone expected.
Where's mom? Where do you think, it's Danny she's elected.

And, then one day a Miracle occurred,
My granddaughter Ryleigh was born and after that first cry a voice was heard.
I knew I had to say goodbye to my best friend Dan.
No more escapes from reality it was time to take a stand.

I told Dan I was sorry but it was time for us to part
Because this new little girl Ryleigh had done something to my heart.
Gone are the days of sadness, medication, and weeks of frustration.
Hello to love, laughter, and a peaceful life of dedication.

Dedicated to waking up and putting a smile on my face,
so that I can enjoy life with my beautiful granddaughter and feel her warm embrace.
Everyday is a blessing that I wont take for granted.
I won't waste one minute of our time it's Enchanted.

I don't need you old friend.
I'm glad this is the end.
Goodbye Danny depression i'll see you never.
Now your just a memory I won't let hurt me again ever.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem where an emotion is turned into a real person could it be Linda Lust or prince Terror can be funny scary sad anything you like have fun.

Personification of an Emotion poem
Contest Winner
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