Horror and Thriller Fiction posted May 24, 2018

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A horror story.

Horror is my goal

by robina1978

I open my eyes and look around. Ink black darkness. Fear not caught me so this should be a normal experience. I can not remember what I did before and how I end here. The darkness departing early lights and the moon is released behind the clouds. Around me hangs a dense fog and I can see a few meters away. I stand on a street that is not familiar to me. Through the fog I can't identify characteristics to determine my position. In the distance cries a growling animal that reminds me of a wolf. Shivers run right now about my body and I start to worry. Where am I and how did I get here.

Fog differs slightly again, and I see a light down the street. I put me in the direction of light. A cold wind is blowing through the fog I shiver again, this time from the cold. Only now I notice that I have only a t-shirt and pyjama pants. Somewhere behind me I hear again the howl of the wolf. This last desperate howl sounded what prompts me to walk faster. A few meters away from the light I keep stopping because I have to conclude that it is only a streetlight.

Left a ghost from my peripheral vision by shoots silently. My heart beats faster and I feel more anxious with every second that ticks away. Besides the howl of the wolf which has started and does not seem to finish more, but I hear nothing. The howling seems to get closer and closer. The terror strikes me to my heart and I put it on a walk in the darkness of the fog. Above me suddenly sounds the flutter of bat wings. By looking up while running I stumble somewhere and fly over the ground. My knees scraping open by grinding on the sidewalk. The cold I do not feel the stress I feel the fear.

The howling sounds suddenly to my right. I turn that way and can not see anything. I hear howling hell from all sides. It sounds like a devilish laughter which deprives my breath. I creep collapsed on the street and sob of fear. My eyes I press myself together and I repeat the same mantra, "This is a nightmare! This is a nightmare! This is a nightmare! This is a nightmare! ... "

After an interminable time stops crying. It takes a long time for me to open my eyes and trembling dare to stand up on my feet. The fog appears completely gone and I see a large group of people down the street are in the full moonlight. For fear of what just happened, I run as fast as I can in that direction. Shame I'm not. The fear is still too hard in my body. When I click on a dozen yards of the group of people I'll stop as abruptly as possible. Something is wrong. It seems like every person has drunk too much and anytime will fall to the ground. Their bones vibrate almost from their legs wobble and sway their arms in all directions.

Suddenly bends one of the people, looking in my direction. A terrible howling sound from an open black hole where the face should have been. Others see this happen and turn in my direction. Each creature has the same black hole in the face and the first cry is reinforced by the others. I stand stock-still and could not move me hopeless anguish. There is no sound from me. I even stop breathing.

Then things started to move and I feel my back muscles at all costs. I turn back and run up the street from where I came. The crying gets worse and I feel the tears running down my face. My muscles burn effort but I keep going. I dare not even to look. To my right, I see a door open in one of the houses. I walk right up to it and jump into the hole. Immediately I turn around and throw the door. The crying stops abruptly and it was deadly silent.

It was completely dark in the room and I put my hands in front of me so that I would never run against. To the right of the front door, I feel curtains open completely for fear of the darkroom at once. I look through the window to the outside and see that I am standing on the first floor. My heart thunders almost through my chest. Behind me, I hear cries and turned around without thinking. I see a shadow coming right at me.

Through all the anguish of the last times, I jump without thinking in the shade and start pounding my fists. A red haze comes before my eyes, the cry goes into screams and I keep knocking. I continue to knock and knock and knock, knock, knock, knock.

I do not know how long the voice had been silenced by the time I finally stopped beating. In my mind, I can hear children crying. I look at my fists and see bloody shacks. For me, it is a completely smashed bloodied face. The thought of one of the creatures have been able to hold makes me forget my fear. After a time the child cries penetrates finally clear to me and I look up.

The bedroom door is screaming my son of three and crying. He shows all the time to me. I look around and find out that I am in my bedroom. All cabinets are in their same place and my bed is against the same wall as when I went to sleep last night. There is something very strange situation because my wife does not seem to lie in bed. The blankets are fully on the side of the ground.

I look down at the bloodied face

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