General Poetry posted May 22, 2018

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waiting through a transplant operation/stressful

Waiting to say Thank You!

by A. Willow Bends

Sitting . . . we just sat and waited
my son and NEW husband 'neath the knife
I'd glance nervously at my son't beloved wife
a transfer of kindey from my husband to hers
moments . . . blurs of moments passed
trembling hands, wrinkled brows, a tear down a cheek
standing to get coffee on legs a little weak
Feeling double whammied, thinking BOTH husband and son
how much longer until this is done?
and will it all go well?
If not, all hell will break loose within us, within me
I had to stay strong-it seemed a long time
a heavy load to bear
all of the sudden my husband's doc was there
and all was well.
My son still in surgery, but just tying loose ends
and within an hour, he too on the mend
Years waiting for this day and who would be a match
Would there be a match?
so many catches to find the right one
My new husband, against many odds
He was the one to give new life to my son.
And I? I looked to the Heavens and said, "THANK YOU!"

Aftermath writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a rhyming poem about the aftermath of something in your life. A break up, a fight, winning an award you didn't think you deserved, anything you choose as long as it rhymes ( your choice on pattern). Also tell how you picked up the pieces and how it changed you, how or if it made you a stronger person! Put all your emotions out there in this one!

The double clock picture represents that both my daughter-in-law and I were waiting, waiting, waiting and while she cares deeply about my husband, I had my husband and son undergoing this thing at once. It felt like time stood still. Time did seem to stand still for a bit as all the things rolled through my head as to what could go wrong.
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