Romance Poetry posted May 15, 2018

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Ballad in 8/6/8/6 Count, abab Rhymes

My Darling Golden Rose (penitence)

by Richard J

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You know, Sweetheart, I've sat and thought
of all that's good and bad;
of for what purpose it was wrought
I naught but made You sad.

Then, took a closer look at me,
and saw what’s to berate;
for all the good I've tried to be,
seems failure is my fate.

I pray each night and all day long
that I might turn to good,
but surely I am meant for wrong;
this now is understood.

If comes an angel such as You,
and still I haven't changed …
although, your heart is ever true,
we've now become estranged.

So many chances You had gave
to mend my sorry ways;
those times I've tried best to behave,
when You gifted your praise.
I'm still the knave I always was,
that's how I am, it seems.
You've filled my world with joyous buzz;
I've only stained your dreams.

Oh, please, sweet angel from above,
forgive me for your sake,
that You might dance again and love
a man who won't forsake

the fairest woman of them all,
with heart of gold to give.
Throw me away and do not stall,
there's happiness to live.

Paint me over with colours grey,
remove me from your scene.
Me, replace with flowers each day,
of precious gold and green.

You've served your purpose setting free
this cold hard heart of mine;
taught me to love, and now I plea,
spit out my bitter wine.

Sincerely, I apologize
for wasting your dear time.
Your luring smile, soft, trusting eyes,
our every kiss of rhyme,

I'll not forget eternity;
once, it was yours and mine.
We loved in sweet serenity,
shared passions so divine.

Then, darkness came I thought was cured,
my dire, sad sickness deep;
such pain I wreaked, tho you endured,
my cost proved much too steep.

There is no flower that can grow,
without its nourishment,
for each and every seed you’d sow,
was one more I had spent.

You tended with your gentle hand
our garden filled with love,
but every tender shoot to stand,
I made dead fodder of.

That which confuses me so much
is what is wrong with me ...
You gift me light from your charmed touch;
yet, still I cannot see.

Yon sun is shining warm and pure,
the mockingbird sings sweet;
when You look down you'll see for sure,
it's me kissing your feet.

I bless the very ground you walk,
I'll always dream of You;
of all our moments shared in talk,
deep romance known by few.

I feel your flame, call out your name
when spells of darkness smite,
and evermore I'll dream your frame
against me warm and tight.

Just one last prayer before I go:
Please, think of me and smile,
remembering I love You so,
and you loved me awhile.

Alas, I'll ne'er fill your desires;
not now, I might suppose;
still, e'er you'll be … 'til life expires,
My darling golden rose 


Quatrain Poetry writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
A quatrain is a poem that has four lines for each stanza. It usually has rhyme scheme of abab or its variant, xbyb. Click here for an example.

Rose: Compliments of Wikimedia Commons
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